0 (Open Level)
BEG (Beginning)
INT (Intermediate)
ADV (Advanced)
ADV PLUS (Advanced Plus)
WEEK1: 19.07. - 23.07.2021
Workshops for beginners, Golden Agers and people with or without disabilities (O, BEG)
Workshops for people with experience (INT, ADV, ADV+)


Studios ARSENAL 1–4 and A–G are located at Burgtheater Probebühnen/ART-for-ART-Werkstätten (Arsenal, Objekt 19, 1030 Vienna; use Arsenal 19 when searching online)
Studios DW 1+2+PB are located at Dschungel Wien (MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna)
Studio Mumok HS is located at Mumok Hofstallungen (MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna)
Studio Leo 5 is located at Leopold Museum, level -2 (MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna)
Studios VOP1+2 are located at Volksoper Rehearsal Studio (Severingasse 7, 1090 Vienna)
Studio FABRIK is located at Fabrik Seestadt (Sonnenallee 137, Vienna)
Studio WUK Saal is located at WUK (Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna)

By public transport/bike please consider the following commuting time:Arsenal, Objekt 19 > DSCHUNGEL ca. 35 min/15 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19 > OFF ca. 35 min/15 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19 > Mumok HS ca. 35 min/15 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19 > Leo 5 ca. 35 min/15 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19, > VOP 35 min/30 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19 > FABRIK 60 min/60 min
Arsenal, Objekt 19 > WUK Saal 35 min/30 min

you can find more details about studio locations here 


This level system is based on experiences in the field or in related areas, which are essential for the workshop. In several workshop descriptions you will find a note about who it is addressed to. The Workshop Office Team is also happy to advise, should you have insecurities about choosing your workshop level. The first workshop day is the final day of admittance according to the teacher's decision, if your level is considerably different than the level of the workshop, you are kindly asked to switch to a more appropriate one.

o (Open Level) The Open Level is an invitation to people with a keen interest in the respective field(s) of the workshop. It is a meeting space for a crowd with varying experiences: artists of all fields, performers, actors, athletes, bodyworkers, philosophers, historians, architects, designers and scientists as well as for newcomers to the field.

Beg (Beginners)
A Beginners class provides basic knowledge in the respective field of the workshop or dance style. No specific precognition is required. A first step into the dance world!

Int (Intermediate Level)
An Intermediate class is tailored for people with some experience in (at least one of) the related field(s) of the workshop and can also be understood as a revisiting of previous skills or for example learning a new dance form, while having experience in an other dance style.

Adv (Advanced Level)
The Advanced Level is for performers and (visual) artists with extended knowledge in the related field of the workshop.

Adv Plus (Super Advanced Level) 
The Super Advanced Level mostly applies to Repertory workshops or to physically very challenging technique or partnering classes and requires professional dance and performance experience.


Our Workshop catalogue for you as PDF for download


As of July 2021 – information subject to change



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