Ongoing updates on Public Moves

Dear Public Moves aficionados,
we’re thrilled by the overwhelming interest in our open-air classes! Unfortunately this also means that some courses are fully booked in only a few minutes and even super early birds sometimes don‘t get a place. Of course we would like to offer as many dance opportunities as possible, but due to our current Covid-19-reality we unfortunately have to limits the number of places on the dance floor/lawn and will have to live with that this year – hopefully this year only. There are no VIP slots being held back – all Public Moves places are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. MORE

Let's keep dancing!

Cancelled? As if! We make virtue out of necessity and will simply move the dancing to the outdoors this summer, for the biggest Public Moves powered by AK Wien edition ever! From 9th July to 30th August 2020 we are organising 296 free workshops with 90 teachers at seven public places and parks in the city. With everything from African dance with Koffi Kôkô, ballet with Elizabeth Ward, Bollywood with Jaskaran Anand to contemporary dance with Joe Alegado, flamenco with Marco de Ana, tap dance with Mani Obeya, a tough workout with Florentina Holzinger and much more. For all age groups and all levels – at a distance.
We look forward to seeing you! MORE

Shake the Break: Public Moves Edition

The 296 Public Moves Workshops are of course open to all age groups and abilities – but we recommend these ones especially as a holiday programme for kids and teenagers: Markus EggenspergerJohanna Figl & Martina RöslerÁkos HargitayRomy KolbSuni Löschner & Katharina WeinhuberKaveri & Philipp SagederFuturelove SibandaGrischka Voss and Attila Zanin. MORE

Cancellation of the ImPulsTanz Festival 2020 & postponement of certain projects

On 17th April 2020 the Austrian Federal Government announced further steps regarding its measures against COVID-19. Those measures as well as the international situation, the continuing massive travel restrictions and unpredictable visa problems, force us to take a painful but nevertheless clear step: The 37th edition of the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival from 9th July to 9th August 2020 cannot take place in its originally planned and later adapted form.

Especially the ImPulsTanz festival – as well as our whole artform – thrives on live atmosphere, diversity and international, transcultural exchange. Therefore, we are doing our utmost in order to revive this atmosphere, if at all possible, with Public Moves in summer and together with our museum partners in autumn. The 2020 programme will be largely maintained for ImPulsTanz 2021 (15th July to 15th August). Nevertheless, it is important to be open for new artistic works, that are still being created in response to this crisis, for the upcoming programme. We keep you posted and look forward to dancing together again!
Your ImPulsTanz team

Research Projects 2020

In addition to the Public Moves series (until 30st August 2020), we are pleased to present three research projects in cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen at Odeon Theater: accompanying two Festwochen productions at Hall E of MuseumsQuartier (Die Goldberg Variationen, BWV 988 by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas & Pavel Kolesnikov and Ultraworld by Susanne Kennedy & Markus Selg) and the [ImPulsTanz Special] on 15 years of Liquid Loft / Chris Haring, four artists invite to work together – the long-time musical accompanist of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Franco, together with Rosas dancer Marie Goudot (27–29 August 2020), choreographer Chris Haring (13–15 September 2020) and actor, dancer and Susanne Kennedy leading actor Frank Willens (27–29 September 2020). Applications are now open! MORE

Wiener Kultursommer

The whole city becomes a stage – and ImPulsTanz's Public Moves will be part of it. In addition, the Kultursommer shows the whole range of Vienna's cultural landscape on open-air stages throughout the city with free admission. Rio Rutzinger (Artistic Director Workshops & Research ImPulsTanz) and performer Mani Obeya have joined forces to present a programme that shows the performance scene of artists based in Vienna in all its facets. MORE

Autumn Preview: 15 years of Liquid Loft

From 6th to 16th October 2020 ImPulsTanz will again be a guest at the theatre: At Odeon we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company Liquid Loft / Chris Haring – with the world premiere of BLUE MOON you saw ..., the Golden Lion awarded piece posing project B and the presentation of their book Shiny shiny. Tickets are now available. MORE

Support ImPulsTanz

Since ImPulsTanz unfortunately cannot take place as planned this year, we are even more pleased and happy about your support – in the form of donations for our project Lass Springen!, which enables children and teens to participate in workshops, for new mirror walls and much more. Or support our festival in the form of a membership with the ImPulsBringer. Furthermore, our workshop and performance vouchers as well as merchandise articles are still available in our shop. Thank you very much!


Public Moves – open classes for everyone

From 9th July to 30th August we’re dancing again at seven locations in Vienna: Several times a day, in any weather, 90 teachers will offer insights into different dance styles – from ballet and bodywork to jazz and hip hop, voguing and yoga. The 296 workshops are open to all age groups and abilities, no previous knowledge necessary. Thanks to the generous support of the Arbeiterkammer Wien, all workshops are once again free of charge!

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