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Flamenco Roots

Contemporary Flamenco spirit

Participants will experience the fundamentals of Flamenco dance such as rhythm, expressive use of the arms and footwork, and then explore how those skills may be brought into contemporary dance. After the warm-up there will be an opportunity to learn Jose’s repertoire and play with the spontaneous aspects of Flamenco. There will be space to improvise with these rhythmical patterns and techniques. But most importantly, they get into the groove and warmth of the contemporary flamenco spirit.

Attack Release

The centre of the body as the origin of dynamics

Jose's technique class is fast paced and aims to improve stamina through precise and simple movement patterns. The principles of the class are influenced by a diversity of traditional forms such as Kathak, Flamenco and martial arts, which are brought into a contemporary dance context.

The initial warm-up is followed by more complex movement material with a dynamic focus on the concept of “attack and release”. The technique allows joints to relax and energy to flow with maximum efficiency. Jose often uses counts to influence the dynamic of the movement and spinning to engage the core.

All of this work prepares the body to travel, exploring the broadest movement in space, whilst making fast, clean transitions from large to detailed movement. This is an energetic class, focusing on intention, clarity and extreme physicality.


The focus is on the movement material of Jose’s production Carmen. The workshop is inspired by the same-named novella by Prosper Merimée and the Mediterranean area. Elements of flamenco and contemporary dance serve as the basis. The class includes choreographed sequences as well as task-based exercises for creating one’s own movement material.

Level: Suitable for choreographers, professional and vocational level dancers Participants will learn repertoire from Jose’s new touring production of Carmen.

Rhythms Composition

This workshop focuses on rhythm, composition and how to collaborate with composers. The participants will have fun learning rhythmical patterns from Jose’s repertory, which is strongly influenced by Kathak and Flamenco forms which are transferred into a contemporary dance context. We will look at deconstructing these rhythms to play with musicality and improvisation.

This class is suitable for choreographers, professional and vocational level dancers.


Jose Agudo started his career in Andalusia where he began performing as a Flamenco dancer. Slowly the world of contemporary dance became more visible as he worked throughout Europe performing with Charleroi/Danses, Ballet de Marseille, T.R.A.S.H, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance and Akram Khan Company.

As a rehearsal director and assistant choreographer Jose has worked on several creations for Akram Khan Company, including DESH, iTMOi, TOROBAKA, Until the Lions, Chotto Desh, London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, and Sylvie Guillem’s farewell tour Life in Progress.

In 2011, Jose started to study Kathak under Akram’s guidance. Finding many parallels between this training and his early studies of Flamenco, Jose reconnected with his roots and began to explore traditional forms in a contemporary context. As a result he created Silk Road (2017), which is still touring and most recently Carmen, which will tour from 2021.

Jose’s independent choreographic commissions include, For You produced by London Mozart Players, Ki for Phoenix Dance Theatre and English National Ballet School; Selah for ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble; A Thousand Shepherds for ACE Dance and Music, later restaged with Cape Dance Company, ENBS and Rambert School; Arctic for LCDS and ENBS; Regnum for Festival International de Music y Danza de Granada; Glansvit for Norrdans; Bhaj for SEAD/Bodhi Project; and SAM for Area Jeune Ballet, amongst others. In 2019, he choreographed the opening ceremony of Davis Cup by Rakuten in Madrid.

In 2021, Jose will be appearing into the new edition of 50 Contemporary Choreographers, an international publication by Routledge.

He is researching a new work for his Agudo Dance Company; inspired by The Hero’s Journey and the meaning in nowadays.

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