Cancellation of the ImPulsTanz Festival 2020 & postponement of certain projects

On 17th April 2020 the Austrian Federal Government announced further steps regarding its measures against COVID-19. Those measures as well as the international situation, the continuing massive travel restrictions and unpredictable visa problems, force us to take a painful but nevertheless clear step: The 37th edition of the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival from 9th July to 9th August 2020 cannot take place in its originally planned and later adapted form.

Especially the ImPulsTanz festival – as well as our whole artform – thrives on live atmosphere, diversity and international, transcultural exchange. Therefore, we are doing our utmost in order to revive this atmosphere, if at all possible, with Public Moves in summer and together with our museum partners in autumn. The 2020 programme will be largely maintained for ImPulsTanz 2021 (15th July to 15th August). Nevertheless, it is important to be open for new artistic works, that are still being created in response to this crisis, for the upcoming programme. We keep you posted and look forward to dancing together again!
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13.07. - 17.07.
18.07. + 19.07.
20.07. - 24.07.
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27.07. - 31.07.
01.08. + 02.08.
03.08. - 07.08.

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