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from clubbing to battle and vice versa

Learn to dance to House music from one of the original Club Heads! From snap to clap, Bravo will show you how to make complicated steps simple and simple steps complicated. Jam on the groove and discover the rhythm within all the beats!

ARTISTBIO: Brahms Bravo La Fortune

This club dancer is no stranger to the business of House Music. As a dancer/producer/DJ/performer he was intimately involved in the New York City Underground Club Scene from its inception.
In the early 1980’s Bravo became involved with clubbing and decided to mentally and physically dedicate himself to the scene because the lights were brighter, the people where happier and the sound systems were monstrously overwhelming. Clubbing was Bravo’s school and each night was a lesson in sound, attitude, and busting the right moves.

Dancing to the music played by legendary DJs including: Kenny Carpenter, Timmy Regisford, David Mancouso, Larry Levan, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Bravo honed his fast foot work and developed his own style.
From New York City to Vienna he has danced his way into House Music history. Bravo is featured in the dance documentary "Check Your Body At The Door" and was the dancer for the Club/House Music classic by Strafe "Set It Off".
Inspired by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, the driving beats of House Music and Busby Burkley's choreography, Bravo's style is Bravo's Style.

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