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© Laurent Ziegler / Kurt Prinz
© Laurent Ziegler
© Kurt Prinz

Tanzexpedition (7–11J)

Discoveries in- and outdoor

We pack our pirouettes and whirl up the city! For a week we explore the public space, its mountains, its beaches, its forests and deserts. We slip into shapes and movements that we find with our explorations: bird or ant, wind or wall, cloud or bench. We transform and observe the person standing in front of us. Who is it? What is the person doing? How does she/he move? We try to copy the movements and form a swarm that moves playfully dancing and floating through the open space.

The workshop begins in the Dschungel Theater with movement games, yoga and shiatsu to prepare our bodies for dance. In an extensive improvisation phase, we work with the repertoire of the collective KLAUS, which ranges from animal crawling, slow motion to jumping and screaming. Joy and fun are at the centre of improvised movement and creativity. We try out Authentic Movement and expand our movement vocabulary with our eyes closed. And we dance the coryphee, where somebody always leads the movement and the others imitate it. After a break, in the second part of the workshop we go outside accompanied with music by Julian Siffert. The public space becomes our home. With the already well-proven coryphee we move as a group we enjoy the outside space. Here we are free, here we dance. In our newly discovered world. Together.

The collective KLAUS dances in the public space, conquers park benches, sidewalks, shops and means of transport, opens emergency exits from everyday routine and invites the people to pause. Sometimes this results in a playful togetherness, a spontaneous encounter zone. The focus is on questioning of everyday, automated forms of movement. Brush your teeth on the crosswalk. Clothesline on the sidewalk. Solo on the park bench. The world is a stage.

ARTISTBIO: Anne Mégier

Anne Mégier is a dance performer, holistic dance teacher, Shiatsu practitioner, geomancer and landscape planner as well as a translator. The combination of these approaches is the base of her exploration of movement as a dialogue with ourselves and our environment. Founding member of KLAUS since 2014, worked among others with theater combinat / Claudia Bosse, Nada Productions / Amanda Piña, Art in Process / Bello Benischauer, and Mathilde Monnier.

ARTISTBIO: Natalie Campbell

Natalie Campbell dances with children, adults and people with disabilities. She is a member of the performance group "KLAUS" and completed her training at in Vienna. Campbell performed amongst others at the Donaufestival Krems, Tanzquartier Wien, Festival Palco do Mundo / Portugal. Additionally, she pursues writing activities under the name of Simon Guerel. As a result in 2016 appeared "Der Kauz" by the publisher text/rahmen.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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