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ImPulsTanz Workshops 2013 © Karolina Miernik
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2013 © Karolina Miernik

Afro-Haitian Dance & Songs

In this special edition of her Afro-Haitian Dance class, Karine is inviting the participants to join her on a journey from Afica to Haiti with traditional dances and songs, accompanied by live music. It includes traditional and ritualistic songs used in ceremonies, such as the song for inviting the spirits to share the space, Spirit of the UNIVERSE, Song for birth and rebirth, song for cleansing, the song
for releasing the pressure from the heart and the body and the song for the nature (papa loko ou ce ven)!

You don't need singing skills, just let go and enjoy!


Afro-Haitian Dance

Basic Training with Live-Drumming for letting go

In this workshop Karine gives an insight into Afro-Haitian Dance spicing it up with contemporary dance training. Afro-Haitian Dance is characterised by rhythm-charged movements and has its roots in the world of myths of Western and Central Africa.
In Haiti, dance symbolises the context and cohesion between the elements of nature and between this and the other world. The inspirational snake dance, for instance, invites the participants to experience, purify and let go through its round and flowing movements.
The cleansing ritual in the Haitian Dance tradition inspires a personal letting go. This powerful ritual calls, through drum sounds, songs and free movements, on the forces of nature, which in Haitian belief watch over the people. Participants can try to let go their unwanted vices and blockades and thus open the path to greater balance on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

This workshop is accompanied by live drumming and consists of basic training with short choreographies. No previous experience required.


Karine LaBel is an acknowledged freelance artist, dance choreographer and dance teacher living in Vienna. She sees her artistic contribution in creative personal development through dance and ceremonies. LaBel has been a lecturer at the University Sports Institute in Vienna since 2000, and has been teaching at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival since 2004.

LaBel’s roots are in Caribbean culture. Through her many years of experience in dance pedagogy, prodigious awards and performances in France, Germany, Austria, Thailand and Switzerland, she is well known as a performer, dancer and choreographer.

Karine LaBel was born in Haiti in Les Cayes in 1970. She began her dance training with the grande dame of Haitian and Modern Dance, Viviane Gauthier, and deepened her knowledge of traditional Haitian rituals with Matissou Legba in the legendary place of pilgrimage Lakou Souvenance. As a student of Georges Momboye in Paris, LaBel studied African dance over several years at the Centre de Danses Pluri-Africaines. She continued her training in Vienna in technical studies (Contemporary Dance Training) at ImPulsTanz as a student of Geraldine Armstrong, Ismael Ivo, Bob Curtis and Irène Tassambedo, Jennifer Lacey and DD Dorvillier among others.

Karine LaBel’s aim is to impart the dynamic message at the heart of Afro-Haitian culture and illustrate its various intercontinental identities. Her repertoire ranges from Afro-Caribbean dance moves and traditional dances, to rituals and contemporary choreographic creations of her own.


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