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Voguing – More than Posing

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Voguing is an art form that is heavily influenced by the NYC Underground House Music Community. The sub-culture evolved from a creative response to the repression of mostly POC (people of colour) in the LGBTQ community. Voguing was and is a creative and artistic tool used to proudly and confidently show who is outside of hetero-normative categories and societal structures.

The idea behind this workshop is to highlight the social environment from which Voguing and Ballroom culture grew, and to invite workshop participants to create a safe space in order to practise mutual respect and empowerment. While understanding the context is important, the actual practice of the art form will be less theoretical: we will celebrate our bodies, our sensuality, our diversity. The music (Disco, House, Vogue Beats) and the Underground Club Scene are great sources of inspiration and will thus drive our mutual interaction and spontaneity in movement.
Through playful exercises, basic vocabulary, freestyle sessions and short choreographies we will explore different styles and elements of Voguing.

Old way: characterised by graceful and precise formation of lines and angles of the body, inspired by poses drawn from the world of fashion, contains movements that are reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics and martial arts.
Vogue Femme: characterised by "hyper-feminine", fierce movements and gestures. "Femininity" is emphasised and celebrated, irrespective of gender identification. The five elements in this category can either be performed in a very expressive and dynamic way (dramatics) or in a very fluid, subtle way (soft and cunt). The focus of this workshop lies on the latter.
Runway: is not considered a Voguing style per se but constitutes a category at Voguing balls. "Walks" are inspired by fashion models and the looks presented are usually self-designed or self-styled. The focus lies on self-acceptance, self-awareness and presence in the body.

Karin Cheng und Katrin Blantar – La Draganda share their  passion for Vogiong and music and have founded a platform through various projects and initiatives, facilitating the practice of Voguing as an art of expression and discover a creative outlet.

ARTISTBIO: Katrin Blantar aka La Draganda

Katrin Blantar aka La Draganda is a dancer, dance teacher and soon-to-be anthropologist who calls Vienna home. She is especially interested in the social phenomena and contexts around dance, music and performance. Katrin lived in the United States for several years, allowing her to better understand the art form from within. In New York, she discovered her affinity and passion for Voguing and Ballroom Culture in the Underground House Music Scene. Amongst her mentors and sources of inspiration are Archie Burnett (Grandfather/House of Ninja), Benny Ninja, Krystine Walker (Mother/House of Harlets).

In 2014, she founded the platform Voguing in Vienna with the aim to connect people in Vienna who share an interest in Voguing culture and to organise training sessions to strengthen the platform and community. Austria’s first Voguing House, Kiki House of ViVi, soon came to life. Katrin – La Draganda is Mother of the Kiki House of ViVi. In 2015, she organised the first Voguing event/ball together with PLENVM Ninja and the collective.

In the last 20 years, her work as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer has taken her to Australia, Africa, the US and Europe. She has performed at international dance festivals, such as the Nightfestival of the National Museum Singapore, ImPulsTanz Festival, International Culture Festival Kampala (Uganda), Under the Weather Festival (Sydney, AU), TanzHerbst Dresden (DE), Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (NYC, US; Vienna, AT), Winter Music Conference (Miami, US), House Dance International (NYC, US), DUMBO Dance Festival (NYC, US) and the WAVE RISING Series Festival (NYC, US), Lincoln Center – Out of Doors (NYC, US).

In 2015, she choreographed and performed for Conchita Wurst as part of the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent years, Katrin has also done choreographic work for theatre productions at the Dschungel Wien and the Kosmos Theater in Vienna and has been invited to hold workshops at various institutions.

ARTISTBIO: Karin Cheng

Through her educational proximity to art and music, Karin Cheng had the opportunity to become creative at a young age. Due to her personal path, "worlds" were combined, which led her to an early fascination for the fusion of different styles, approaches and mindsets. In her teens she discovered Urban Dance Styles. Martial Arts has long been one of her greatest sources of inspiration as well as she dedicated herself to Wing Chun and Tai Chi. Chinese martial arts accompanied her entire life as it was thoroughly practiced by her grandfather. Nowadays she devotes herself to urban dance styles under the umbrella of HipHop, House and Funk music and their various fusions and subgenres. In order to constantly develop her style of movement, she has been spending a lot of time getting training and studying urban style fusion with renowned trainers in New York over the past years. There she has been taking Voguing classes with Archie Burnett, Danielle Polanco, Omari Mizrahi, Leiomy and Prince Mugler – but most importantly meeting and exchanging with local dancers at Parties and Sessions.

Karin has been teaching Voguing in collaboration with various institutions like Queer Base, Pin –Verein für Partizipation, Integration & Netzwerken, Tanz die Toleranz etc. Over the years she has collected, spread and built her experience through mostly community work with people from niche backrounds.
Karin has been working as a performer, teacher and choreographer in Asia, Canada and Europe. Her latest work was choregraphing for Aryana Sayeed (afghan popsinger and female activist) and Brut Wien.


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