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iChoreography © Erli Gruenzweil
iChoreography © Erli Gruenzweil
iChoreography © Emilia Milewska
© Stefan Werner
© Martine Marras


An intergenerational workshop for Internet junkies of all ages, gender and abilities and their families

Not sure how to sense the "Here and Now" after a long WhatsApp session? Feeling disembodied? Is your mobile phone becoming your rescue life jacket for the "chaos" of a daily life? Is your mobile making you immobile? If you recognise yourself living with your mobile phone as a prolongation of "self", always standing between you and your beloved ones, if your phone is becoming your best companion while your dreams of the adventure, exploration and changing the world get flushed down the toilet because of a Netflix Show – this workshop is for you and your family*.
How can we help our body to regain autonomy, trust and active participation in the world? How can we develop a body re-relating to its technical surrounding and the power structures existing behind it? How can we reconquer immidiacy of our actions?

iChoreography works with the body in the first place. It re-choreographs the body to initiate changes in the society and to enhance its flow. In their workshop choreographers Magdalena and Valerie, share with the participants the physical principles discovered through contemporary dance and choreography. With the help of these practices, iChoreography aims to unmask the power structures behind technical devices and to re-create a body capable to act and re-act "freely" while facing the overwhelming stream of information. Through these physical practices, we can find new forms of healing, we increase our sensory scale of awareness lost in the course of body’s virtual visits and improve our life within the virtual and the analogue community.

The class is open to all ages, genders, forms, colours, shapes, beings dealing with Internet addiction and interconnected oppression, feeling of isolation, high anxiety, jumpiness.
*Family members are: all family members (grandmothers, uncles, aunties, brothers etc.) but also  your big sisters' flatmate, mum's best friend, co-workers etc.

Special Deal: Bring a family member or friend from a different generation for free! 
In this case please book your workshop directly at the Workshop Office!

ARTISTBIO: Magdalena Chowaniec

Magdalena Chowaniec (1983, Poland, lives and works in Austria) uses choreography, performance, theatre and music, to explore notions of transformation and resistance. Her interests focus on the activist and emancipatory potential of the performing arts, as well as the transformative power and shared experience they offer. She studied dance and performance at the State Ballet School in Bytom (PL) and at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz (AT). She holds a MA in Dance Arts.

Chowaniec has worked with a.o. SUPERAMAS (FR/AT), Oleg Soulimenko (AT/RU), Cooperativa Performativa (RO), Mark Tompkins (FR/US), Georg Blaschke (AT), Agata Maszkiewicz (FR/PL), Mathieu Grenier (FR), Jérôme Bel (FR), Amanda Piña (AT/CL), Valerie Oberleithner (AT/FR), Marysia Zimpel (PL), Michael Laub (BE), Florentina Holzinger (AT), Alex Baczynski-Jenkins (PL/UK), Michael Portnoy (US).
Her works "Hold Your Horses" (2008), "The Mob: Fixing Freedom Tour" (2009), "Empathy Project Vol. I" (2010), "Until death do us part" (2011), "New Viennese Organic Actionism" (2011), "When I don't dance, I collect crystal balls" (2012), "Sanctuary" (2014), "What’s in the artist head" (2016), "iChoreography" (2018) were shown in various European venues. In 2009 she obtained a scholarship for performing arts from the Austrian Ministry of Culture and was mentioned as a Remarkable Emerging Choreographer in the Yearbook of Ballettanz 2010. Between 2008 and 2014 she was a lead singer of a punk band The Mob Fixing Freedom, since 2015 she raps in the duo Mermaid & Seafruit. In 2014 and 2015 she created dance performances "Attan stays with us" and "Songs of the water, tales of the sea" with juvenile refugees from Rechnitz. Both shows were shown during the ImPulsTanz Festival.

Her recent projects include: "Anti Fascist Ballet School" (Wienwoche 2016, Wiener Festwochen 2017) together with Elizabeth Ward (AT/US) – a pop up ballet school in various public locations examining emancipatory and activist potential of ballet and somatic practices, "iChoreography" together with Valerie Oberleithner (FR/AT) – a physical practice against internet addiction developed with various teenagers around Europe, #resisters – a movement bringing together female* artists and activists against the rise of the neo-fascist politics.
From 2019, Chowaniec is granted a research position at the Institute for Artistic Research in Graz.

ARTISTBIO: Valerie Oberleithner

Valerie Oberleithner (born in 1978) is an Austrian choreographer and performer. She studied Literature Science/Philology at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz (AT) and contemporary dance at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz (AT). She completed her University studies with a Bachelor of Arts in 2008.
In 2007 she received the danceWEB scholarship. Since 2006 Valerie has been continuously working with international choreographers and dance companies in Vienna and abroad: SUPERAMAS (FR/AT), Jennifer Lacey (FR/US), Boris Charmatz (FR), Magdalena Chowaniec (AT), Oleg Soulimenko (AT/RU), Fanni Futterknecht (AT), Amanda Piña (AT/CL), Doris Stelzer (AT) etc.

Valerie´s own artistic projects include: "Show Me!" (2009) in collaboration with Olivier Tirmarche, "Pittoresque" (2009) in collaboration with Fanni Futterknecht, "Splendid Isolation" (2010) in collaboration with Olivier Tirmarche and Jennifer Lacey, "[J-1]" (2013) in collaboration with Olivier Tirmarche and Raul Maia, "l'application" (2014) and "iChoreography" (2018) in collaboration with Magdalena Chowaniec. Valerie’s works were shown in various international dance and performance festivals such as ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna, eXplore Festival Bucarest, Working Title Festival Brussels, "Nouvelles Vagues" Festival Palais de Tokyo Paris, a.o.

Since 2008 Valerie Oberleithner together with Magdalena Chowaniec involve children and teenagers in their artistic processes ("teen spirit", Woodstock of thinking, TQW, 2008, "L'Application", degree 48, Les Laboratoires d 'Aubervilliers, 2014, "iChoreography" Coaching Project and showing, eXplore Festival, 2016).
Since 2017 Valerie Oberleithner is leading various artistic interventions around the topic body and internet in schools and high schools in France.
Valerie's works explore new ways of collaboration among artists, curators and specific groups of society (teenagers, children, etc.). In her work she concentrates on the transformative potential in contemporary performance and on experience as an essential element. Valerie is teaching dance and performance throughout Europe such as Paris, Bucarest, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Amiens.


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