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Release Technique

No extra tension needed

The class, focused on moving in space as organically as possible, can be loosely described as a combination of Limón and Release techniques. Relaxation exercises on the floor focus on sensations of weight, space, contact with the floor and minimal muscular effort to execute movement, culminating in a floor combination directly applying these ideas. As a logical extension of the floor work, the standing work focuses on developing the support from the spine and on using the muscles in a free and efficient manner so that no extra tension is created other than the one really required to execute the movements. The isolation and weight of body parts, the openness of the joint articulations, and the relationship with the floor are used as the stimuli for movement. This will also focus the dancers’ awareness on guiding the physical energy and momentum naturally created in and by the body while moving.
This approach encourages an intelligent use of the physical instrument allowing each dancer to discover the full organic possibilities of his/her body. This physical class plays with the use of space, level changes, musicality and rhythm and is, after all, an opportunity to just dance!

OTHER WORKSHOPS OF Angélique Willkie

No Neutral Canvas: a personal dramaturgy

The art of performance is a crucial space through which to interrogate notions of identity and agency. In dance, those individualities have often been buried under fantasies of homogenisation or neutrality. The bodies on stage matter! Creative output, resulting from lived, subjective experience, is intimately linked to the body of the performer and their relationships with the outside world. Instead of looking at the body as simple morphology, physical appearance or technical ability, this workshop will facilitate each performer’s articulation of their own personal dramaturgy, and explore the ways in which this dramaturgy both informs and empowers the creative process. Through group discussion, situational and movement exploration, journaling, and somatic practices, the participants will come to experience their relational body as the creative canvas.

Voice & Movement

Breath as the primary source of both movement and sound

Traditionally, music is an external support for the dance. I propose that through the voice, the ‚music‘ is created and performed by the dancers themselves in the same way and at the same time. Vocal techniques and movement improvisation can be very similar. They stem from the same instrument: the body. We will use movement improvisation and vocal exercises to get to the breath as the primary source of both movement and sound. Through movement improvisation the dancers create movement organic for their bodies. Similarly, through an increasing awareness of the source of sound in the body they discover, explore and create the sounds and music organic for their vocal instrument. We use movement to get to sound, and sound to get to movement. We explore the voice in both individual and collective improvisation, using movement as a critical source and support. Then dancers will use their voices to accompany their movement, to accompany another's movement, or collectively to create polyphonic vocal improvisation and accompaniment.
Above all it is a total use of the performance instrument, encouraging the dancers to explore simultaneously their own movement vocabulary, their own vocal possibilities and the relationship between their movement and their music.
The work is designed to encourage dancers to use their voice but is fully open to those who do voice work and have a limited experience in movement.

ARTISTBIO: Angélique Willkie

Performer, singer, pedagogue and dramaturg, Angélique Willkie completed a Master’s degree in Economics at McGill University before starting her dance training at the School of Toronto Dance Theater. Her career evolved in Europe over the following 25 years where she worked with, among others, Alain Platel, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Jan Lauwers / Needcompany, and as a singer with the Belgian world-music group, Zap Mama. Working as a dramaturg for dance and circus, and still on stage as a performer, Angélique is Assistant Professor in the Department of Contemporary Dance at Montreal’s Concordia University and is currently pursuing a PhD in dramaturgy at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).


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