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© Emilia Milewska
La Biennale di Venezia © Akiko Miyake
La Biennale die Venezia © Akiko Miyake
La Biennale die Venezia © Akiko Miyake
© Jan Möllmer

The Way You Move

You, the creator of movement

Are you aware that each single movement you do is your own? How many times have you swayed your body to music, thinking that this was a result of your own creativity? Or that each little dance step you ever learnt was in fact yours? Even if it seemed that someone else taught you how to do it, no one actually did it for you. It was always you who moved and always you who learnt how to do it especially the way you do it. I would like to encourage the idea that every person in the world is a creator of movement, and that you have a vast physical experience because you have moved since ever. My main goal is to offer a situation that gives you the freedom to develop your own way and joy of moving. I will propose tasks that offer clear guidelines to research basic physical experiences of time, space, energy and expression, and will further explore with you how we can build dance from those elements. Simple warm-up exercises are followed by more complex tasks that include improvisation, composition and interaction between persons.


Dynamic Dramaturgy

Spice your Phrases

The dramaturgy of dynamic events in a movement sequence creates expressivity. It's all a question of context and of how the ingredients are arranged with each other. Space-concepts, use of time, energy and flow are aspects that simultaneously contribute to the complexity of such events. Extreme contrasts can give us a clearer feel for the specific colors we are using and possibly heighten the dramaturgical effect. In this workshop we rigorously explore these elements by working with self created material or adapting to a given phrase and discover how exciting movement can become when we maximally exploit it's dynamic potential.

Find the Gap

Spontaneity in movement

Either in improvisation or in choreographed dance, don’t we wish that the dancer as well as the spectator are witnessing something that feels new, like happening for the first time right now and here, something we share by being present together in the same moment? How can we stay spontaneous, each time we execute a movement or a piece of dance? Can we plan that? Or should we avoid planning altogether? How can we create a gap between routine and the present moment? In this workshop I would like to explore such questions by proposing tasks and experiments that provoke surprises and create playful and interactive settings that increase the chance of unpredictability. Improvisation and composition are both used to warm up as well as to invite technical and artistic research.

ARTISTBIO: Kenji Takagi

Kenji Takagi is working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer. He was a member of the Pina Bausch Company from 2001 until 2008. In the same year he received the German Theatre Award "Der Faust" in the category "best performance in dance" for his solo in Pina Bausch’s "Bamboo Blues". Kenji has taught in various places such as ImPulsTanz Vienna, Folkwang University Essen, Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris,, Rome or Movement Research, New York and was co-directing the rehearsals to the restaging of Pina Bausch’s "Le Sacre du printemps" at the Paris Opera in 2015 and the English National Ballet in 2017. Recently Kenji appeared on stage in Choreographies by Nathalie Larquet, Jean-Laurent Sasportes, Mark Sieczkarek and Pina Bausch as well as in various improvisation performances and an interdisciplinary and inclusive theatre piece, directed by Jakob Fedler.


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