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Franzi Kreis
© Franzi Kreis


FolkTranceParty – some 10 hours of dancing, making music and communicating, and not even noticing how late it gets. A ritual in constant renewal through the input of the involved artists, but also every joining visitor. Simon Mayer / Kopf hoch work for FolkTranceParty with movers, sound producers, light influencers and psychologically gifted human beings, and look forward to all those who want to test their dances and their sounds for sustainability over an intensive weekend. And with luck, start a new artistic and transformative journey, in which we will find folk dance and folk music as well as the ecstatic Body. Let’s celebrate and explore the transformative power of party!

Please note: the workshop takes place on Sat 04 August 13:00–18:00 and on Sun 05 August 12:00–17:00!

Kopf hoch is a company founded by Simon Mayer who, in addition to working on his new productions, attempts to actively support the Viennese and Austrian scene. Simon plays several instruments and developed through collaborations with composers and teachers like Thierry De Mey a passion for noise, experimental sounds and textures. He creates his own music for his stage productions.

ARTISTBIO: Simon Mayer

Simon Mayer is a performer, choreographer and musician, was born in Austria in 1984 and studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School, at the Performing Arts - Research Studios in Brussels (P.A.R.T.S.) and was a member of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. 2009 he founded his band "Rising halfmoon" as singer, songwriter and guitarist. Simon worked a.o. for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker ("The Song"), Wim Vandekeybus ("Frisking") and Zita Swoon. He choreographed several solos, duos and group pieces, which are internationally presented ("o feather of lead”, “dancing with the soundhobbyist/zita swoon", "kopf hoch", "monkeymind", "SunBengSitting" etc.). Simon was artist in residency at Theatre de L’L in Brussels and together with his association m-arts he organises the international art festival SPIEL.

Simon grew up on a farm in Upper Austria. Folk dance and folk music are part of his background, and at the moment also the central theme in his artistic career. Both his last piece "SunBengSitting" and his latest choreography "Sons of Sissy" deal with folk art a.o. As a guest lecturer, he taught contemporary dance and folk dance at the Conservatory Vienna and at various festivals (ImPulsTanz, Nueva Verta Festival Kuopio, Games Festival, etc.).


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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REBECCA PATEK "ineter(a)nal f/ear" © MARIA BARANOVA

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