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impressions'15 © Karolina Miernik
impressions'15 © Karolina Miernik

When can I book Workshops?

As of now you can book all Workshops online. As of 06th of June you can also book Workshops personally in our Workshop Office at the MuseumsQuartier (quartier 21/Kulturbüros, Museumsplatz 1, main entrance, first floor to the right). You can send reservations via fax or letter to our Workshop Office +43.1. 526 52 57 55 / ImPulsTanz - Museumstraße 5/21 - 1070 Wien - Austria). Registration by phone or email is not possible.

Where is detailed information available?

Please refer to the Teachers A-Z for a list of teachers. You can find even more details about teachers, class descriptions and class schedules by clicking through the schedule. Please check our website frequently, we update on a weekly basis!

How do I register? How much are classes?

Find all information on Fees & Registration here

Can I still apply for a scholarship?

No. The deadline for the danceWEB scholarship 2018 was 15th December 2017. Entries will not be accepted at this point. Application for danceWEB 2019 will start in October 2018:

When can I apply & register for the Research Projects?

You can apply and get detailed information on the Research Projects here.

How can I find housing, and how much is it?

ImPulsTanz provides a list of private accommodation available in Vienna during the ImPulsTanz Festival. The list is updated on a daily basis depending on the information we receive from accommodation providers. find the list here.

Where are the Workshop Studios?

Most of the Workshops take place at the Arsenal. All Shake the Break Workshops for Children and Youth take place at Dschungel Wien. Find addresses and maps on Workshop Locations.

What is the cost of living in Vienna?

To get an idea about average prices in Vienna please see the following index:
Cinema ticket €9
Liter of milk €1.40
Loaf of bread €2
Street snack €3.50
Glass of wine €3.50

Public transport ticket for one week €17.20
Public transport ticket for one ride €2.40
Public transport ticket for one month €51.00
Bike rental at ImPulsTanz €37
Basic hostel bed €20
Basic single hotel room €35
ImPulsTanz performance ticket €12 – €82

Average room prices
Low €15 – €40
Medium €40 – €80
High €80 – €200
Deluxe €200+
Average meal prices
Low €5 – €9
Medium €9 – €20
High €20 – 30

Can I attend only a part of the Workshop Festival?

Yes. The festival is divided into eight phases, four weeklong phases and three weekend phases. They can be attended independently from each other.
«impressions'18»: 15 July – Opening Lecture
Week1: 16–20 July
Intensive1: 21+22 July
Week2: 23–27 July
Intensive2: 28+29 July
Week3: 30 July–03 August
Intensive3: 04+05 August
Week4: 06–10 August
«expressions'18»: 11 August – Final Student Showing

What do the level symbols for the Workshops mean?

This level system is based on experiences in the field or in related areas important for the Workshop .The first Workshop day is the final day of admittance according to the teacher's decision, if your level is considerably different than the level of the Workshop, you are kindly asked to switch to a more appropriate one. More details on the level symbols is provided underneath the schedule.
Workshops and their symbols:
o (open level) - for all levels, people interested in bodywork and movement
Beg (beginning level) - Workshop provides basic knowledge, no specific precognition required
Int (intermediate level) - for some experience in the related field, skill-refreshment
Adv (advanced level) - for people with extended knowledge in the related field
Adv* (super advanced level) - for professional dancers with extended knowledge
The Workshop Office is happy to give you advice, if you are not sure about your level.

How much are tickets for the Performance Festival?

Tickets for the festival are between 12 euro and 82 euro. Please keep checking our website for information about acquiring tickets online. We recommend to buy tickets as early as possible as shows sell out fast.

Is there a printed version of the Workshop programme?

Our workshop catalogue features only the Open Level, Beginners, Golden Age and Shake the Break workshops and is written in German. Find the full workshop programme online, by reading through the workshop descriptions.

Even more questions... Who do I contact?

Please send emails to
or call us
T +43.1.526 52 57-50
F +43.1.526 52 57-55


As of May 2018 – information subject to change!



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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