Yasmine Hugonnet


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In her Slovenian debut the young Italian-Swiss choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet is showing a work for three dancers that orbits the subject of consequences with variations on the theme. The three oscillate between two identities and two outfits. First of all they sit on chairs in their underwear and then each of them changes into slightly clownesque dress ' a green shirt and grey wig of which there are three identical sets waiting on stands in sculptural beauty. "RE-PLAY is a dance production that works with simple principles of memory and transposition. I'm interested by the attempt and the failures to re-embody the other. What does it feel to get in your skin' Where does it take us when I try to replay you and then you replay me...RE is a role that is available and invisible, it is a matching point of memories..." (Yasmine Hugonnet)



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