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Hubert Lepka / lawine torrèn


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'Skyhook' is a production for an alien site. Module 2 in the 'love turn' complex. The 'skyhook' is an anti-crane ' an imaginary hanging device in the firmament. In a figurative sense 'skyhook' stands for the supernatural opposite of the crane which, of course, obeys the laws of gravity. Skyhook and crane are two contrary metaphors for evolutionary theory. The 'skyhook' experiment is an encounter with vertical dance, acting, sound and film and an homage to Godards legendary movie 'Alphaville'. 'Skyhooks would be wonderful things to have, great for lifting unwieldy objects out of difficult circumstances, and speeding up all sorts of construction projects. Sad to say, they are impossible.' (Daniel C. Dennett)



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