Alain Platel & Fumiyo Ikeda & Benjamin Verdonck

Nine Finger

ImPulsTanz2007 © Herman Sorgeloos

Verdonck as a physical performer, Ikeda, the Japanese dancer with intensive experience with Rosas and Alain Platel turn to the sites of world catastrophes in order to confront their own speechlessness by means of simple elements ' body, words, things. Uzodinma Iweala's book about African child soldiers challenged them. Nine fingers indicate a dreadful absence, with the Flemish title 'Negen vinger' the multi-lingual team suggests an old racist children's rhyme lurking in the background: 10 Little N's. With plays on words the three confront what is missing for each of them. Nine is 3 x 3. 'Nine fingers or the mattress that becomes a house; that later becomes a boat and sails away'.



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