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The Choreographic Engine

The Field Project proposes different forms of research based on various dance vocabularies und improvisation methods. Above all, dancers will learn how to bring in and develop their own vocabulary and individual style. During the warm-up, we will use basic techniques of modern and contemporary dance, specific exercises for a strong core and floor work to develop our flexibility. These movements are designed to heighten our perception of the natural rhythm of our breath, which flows into the executed movements in space. After the warm-up, we will set off towards a path where we reduce patterns and conservative forms of technique and styles. A travelling sequence will emphasise precise alignment und fluidity in the movement as well as further enhancing our awareness of balance. We will continue the movement research by focusing on specific themes such as space, gravity, collision, and other topics that will be proposed during the class. We will apply these ideas firstly to solo dance material and follow this with group work, which will focus on different formations (duo, trio and larger groups). Here we will also work with Contact Improvisation and partnering.

Creativity, flexibility and dynamic body language shape the first choreographic sequences. They are the impulse for individual expression and the extension of one’s own vocabulary. Combining the previously created material and feeding it with new energy, we will add on material in the so-called "choreographic engine". Through this application and the distribution of a number of fixed set movements, we will compose and generate new choreographic aspects and images.

The choreographic engine
We will dive into the body as we move and discover how to enter and exit the deeply rooted patterns of our engine systems. Each body reports what and how it wants to present itself. Contemporary dancers who work with improvisation have to engage in the phenomenon that no moment repeats itself – but we can learn to react, adapt and change. If we constantly repeat ourselves, we will only narrow our possibilities and become stagnated. With our safety modes switched on, we revert back to old movement habits. Without properly considering what is better or more meaningful our creativity is hidden from ourselves. The body becomes a creative machine when we let go. We can let something unimaginable happen! The Field Project focuses on the question: What should we choose in order to discover and expand our approach to create a choreographic structure based on dynamics, contact, perception and above all, individuality? In this choreographic process forms can appear that seem illogical to the dancer and logical to the choreographer (or vice versa) at first. These forms can be of potential value to the development of a piece. Individuality is a tremendously important source of energy and creativity that adds new topics and themes to the choreographic engine.

The Research Project ends with a public showing on the 19th of July at 17:00!

Please send a link to a 1-minute video of a solo dance work or dance improvisation (a simple self-made smartphone video is enough) with your application!!

ARTISTBIO: Elio Gervasi

Elio Gervasi studied Classical Dance in Rome, Modern Dance with Peter Goss, Merce Cunningham, José Limon, Louis Falco and Susanne Linke as well as Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and Release Technique. For many years (1979-1986) he closely collaborated with Bob Curtis, also participating in his company as a soloist and choreographic assistant. He worked with director Federico Fellini in the movies "Ginger and Fred" and "La nave va". In 1987 he founded his own dance company in Vienna – Tanz Company Gervasi – and collaborated with over 300 international performers, producing more than 50 productions in Austria and abroad (incl. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and Mexico). He was a guest choreographer for different companies and theatres: P.L.Dance Company, Bühnenwerkstatt-Company Graz, Ballet of National Theatre of Saarland (DE), for the Vienna State Opera Ballet and for the Ballet-School of the Vienna State Opera. He received several awards for his choreographies from the Austrian Ministry of Culture. In 2003 he received the award for best production. From 2011-2016 his productions were presented in the frame of ImPulsTanz Special and ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna. In the last years he engaged in co-productions with the Academy of Fine Arts and Tanzquartier, Vienna. Elio Gervasi is a member of the Performing Arts Council at the Federal Chancellery of Austria – Arts and Culture.


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