Performances 2023

Performances 2023

© Christiane Peschek

Sebastiano Sing (AT/DE)

© Christiane Peschek

“Hurray, we’re still alive!” In his new piece MATHIEU, Sebastiano Sing recognizes shamelessly grand emotion as the common denominator of the hit parade and Tanztheater and, in that, creates a new genre: “Dark Schlager” is born. With dancer Hugo Le Brigand and sound artist Ernst Lima, the Vienna-based choreographer-performer soars up into the highest heights of low art, getting at our most unspeakable and universal “guilty pleasures” of them all: the desire not to be alone.

Duration: 55 Min
It is possible to purchase a [8:tension] subscription for three, six or all performances of the Young Choreographers’ Series. You can find more detailed information, prices and discounts in our Service section.
18.7.2023, 23:00
20.7.2023, 21:00
sold out
© Christiane Peschek
© Christiane Peschek
© Christiane Peschek
© Christiane Peschek
© Christiane Peschek


Production, Choreography, Text: Sebastiano Sing
Dance: Hugo Le Brigand
Live sound, Performance: Ernst Lima
Performance: Sebastiano Sing
Sound design: Ernst Lima
Lighting design: Joe Albrecht
Stage: Sebastiano Sing
Production management: Hugo Le Brigand
Outside eye: Sara Lanner

A co-production of Sebastiano Sing and brut Wien

Special thanks for support to: TURBO Residency ImPulsTanz, Bears in the Park and Arbeitsplatz Wien

With the kind support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sport

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