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Cie. Marie Chouinard "RADICAL VITALITY, SOLOS AND DUETS" © Sylvie-Ann Paré / Dancers: Sebastien Cossette-Masse, Sacha Ouellette-Deguire
Cie. Marie Chouinard "RADICAL VITALITY, SOLOS AND DUETS" © Sylvie-Ann Paré / Dancers: Catherine Dagenais-Savard, Sacha Ouellette-Deguire
Cie. Marie Chouinard "RADICAL VITALITY, SOLOS AND DUETS" © Nicolas Ruel / Dancers: Clementine Schindler, Scott McCabe


A royal bell rings for Orpheus and Eurydice, there was a special Sunday morning in May of 1955, and the heart chakra quivers. For all forty years of working as an artist, outstanding Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard has retained a special sense of the seemingly absurd, the subtlety of romance and the eroticism of the human body, which dances through all cultures of the world. Chouinard celebrates this with an evening of thirty solos and duets that display the whole wealth of her work so far, including not only reconstructions, reworkings and extracts from larger pieces but also some works that have until now only existed in the artist’s sketch book. From these “historical” dance miniatures the multi award-winning dance artist and director of the Biennale Danza Venice has composed a unique programme that takes the audience on a stimulating journey through her artistic landscapes.

Following an intensive back-and-forth between choreographer Marie Chouinard and the festival director Karl Regensburger, we are very happy to announce that Cie. Marie Chouinard will now be showing
both Act 1 and 2 of RADICAL VITALITY, SOLOS AND DUETS on all three performance dates.
Each performance will have an increased length of 156 minutes including a 20-minute break.
All previous tickets remain fully valid, no ticket exchange is necessary.
The two-act performance will, as before, begin at 21:00 at Vienna’s Volkstheater.
We are looking forward to this performance and hope it will be to your liking.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 156 min, incl. 20 min intermission




Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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