IDOCDE Symposium & Residency 2021

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practical and tactical applications in taking care of mortal dancing

A mutation is a change in the sequence of an organism's genetic material. This takes place all the time, not only in viruses, but also in human bodies, millions of times, possibly each and every day - the reason why we are not walking bags of cancer or other disease is (partly) a mechanism called apoptosis: a programmed cell death. In other words: The life we constantly create by cell division, is varied. In order to stay healthy, some tiny little parts of us are dying, also constantly. 

In mathematics, a permutation of a set describes an arrangement of its members into an order, or if the set is already ordered, a rearrangement of its elements. An anagram is a permutation of letters; for example the word “listen” is a permutation of the word “silent” – a different order of letters that rearranges into a new meaning. 

This year 2021 is one of mutations, and of per/mutation. We re-arrange our lives, adapt, live on short notice. How, as dance artists, do we creatively enact these permutations?

The past year put the members of this community of dance-artists-students-and-educators where we had no choice but to engage in a mediated performance of a familiar practice: dancing online became a new normal, especially where winter reigned. Then outdoor dancing started popping up with spring flowers and it bloomed where the sun shone. And then a kind of hybrid of site-particulars introduced degrees in our collective understanding of online relative to your bathroom, your porch, a park, the street. A wave of mutations started being recognised as necessary for a world engaged in surviving but not only.

What have we learned, as individuals and as a community, about dance documentation? About dancing, about writing, about photographing, about social-media? About participating in this hybrid world – as a twenty-year-old, a forty-year-old, a sixty-year-old or eighty-year-old? What are the ways we are engaging with these mediums to enable continued practicing? How is technology helping us survive, helping us keep on working? And not only.

In a poetic sense, what parts of your experience of this mortal dance did you choose to trace this year? How did you record those traces? Did you share them? How did you share them? And how did your experience of documenting and sharing change your practice? What died?

The last in this long series of questions we’d like to explore this summer is: what has continued practicing through this stressful period – albeit in a mediated way – taught you about the values that practicing dancing (inevitably) brings to this world and represents in this world? This changing world? This living world? This dying world? And how did documenting support that work, and did it support instead of weighing it down?

Join us at the 2021 IDOCDE Residencies & Symposium to engage in these questions… and a whole lot more. 

Symposium at ImPulsTanz and online : 31st July– 1st August 2021
Residency at ImPulsTanz and in various other locations as well as online:  May–July 2021 

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