Lilach Pnina Livne (IL)



Lilach Livne is an independent artist, choreographer, dancer, mother and activist of dance and philosophy who in the last decade has been developing the “Spirit Dance” method which offers a new “dancer” concept that insists on exploring the potential of the medium of dance to contain the fact that this medium is not based on objects, but on living subjects and what implications and possibilities this fact can open up in the entire field – both from a political-social point of view and from an aesthetic-cultural point of view. Her practice aims to reconstruct all the visible and hidden relations the performance medium is carrying in itself in order to practice relations full of compassion, friendship, vulnerability, new kinds of femininity, equality, faith and human complexity.

In 2021, she established a new Art Institution – LILACH PNINA LIVNE – in Jaffa, which serves as a place for research, practice, development and display of Livne’s method in broad contexts of visual art, philosophy, therapy and research. She presents her work-collections as performances, performative exhibitions, creations of gangs, forums and new religions, lectures, workshops, schools, laboratories, prayer books, temporary realities and videos in museums, galleries and dance festivals and at the same time fights for independence and the possibility of creating and producing independent and supportive systems, as part of the choreographic scores and as an institution independent of supports of external bodies. She was presented at the 20th Biennale of Art, Sydney, Australia, at the BlackBox Teater in Norway, at the Altered States Festival in The Hague, at Coventry University in UK, at Bat Yam Art Museum, at the CCA Contemporary Art Center, and more. In 2018, the Berlin art organisation Circadian released a book that compiles her practices called Prayer For The Abstract.

Livne also practices her method with “at-risk girls” in youth centres. She studied at the choreography department SNDO – School For New Dance Development at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam AHK, at the Experiential Dance Academy in Salzburg SEAD, and at the philosophy department at Tel Aviv University.


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