© Emilia Milewska
© Emilia Milewska


From 11 July to 11 August 2019 the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge will open its doors daily at 22:00 and prepare the deck chairs for you. The infamous party oasis at Burgtheater Vestibül promises danced through nights thanks to a great selection of DJs, live concerts and chilled drinks. And admission is even free!

Only two times the lounge takes a little rest, when ImPulsTanz Soçial invites to the two grand parties in Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz.

11 July–11 August 2019, daily from 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül, Universitätsring 2, 1010 Wien
Sofas • DJs • Cocktails • Concerts • Deck Chairs
Photo Booth

FM4 Friday – in cooperation with the Austrian alternative radio FM4 you will have the pleasure with the Créme de la Créme of local DJ exports at the Vestibül.

Live’n’Local – the festival lounge presents a vast variety of Austrian musicians, offers them a unique platform infront of an international audience and thus supports them in playing themselves deep into your auditory canals and hearts. Live'n'Local puts a special focus on lesser known Austrian music acts and presents some gems still to be discovered. 

Affine im Sommer – the flagships of the exceptional Viennese label will spin the turn tables for you also this year - this summer with some newcomers on board!

ImPulsTanz on Decks – well known, always a blast: each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz team, festival artists and workshop teachers will share their favourite party music with you.

All ImPulsTanz festival lounge events in the Burgtheater Vestibül are of free admission!

ImPulsTanz Soçial has its own facebook page now. Please join us for regular updates. FACEBOOK

We are very happy to offer a nightline programme for everyone that does not include any admission for most events. At the same time we wish for our guests to treat each other respectfully. We do not tolerate racism, sexism and violence at our events.

© Emilia Milewska
© Karolina Miernik
© Anna Konrath

11 July : POP:SCH live / Andaka & Joja

Pop:sch are a Vienna based queer electropop band. Their style can be described as a blend of bubble gum pop and beat driven 80s synth music. Currently they are working on their second album, set to be released in 2019.

Andaka is the DJ Pseudonym of Angelika Daphne Katzinger, born in Linz/Austria. She began DJing in 2004 under this name, since then she is constantly spinning records in bars, clubs and festivals like Ars Electronica Nightline ( or Crossing Europe Film Festival at exhibitions, breakdance battles and Backup DJ for Rappers KraVali(A) and Yasmo aka Miss Lead at Festa2H HipHop Festival alongside DAS EFX (USA) Lino + Arsenik (Fr) Casey (Fr) in Dakar/Senegal 2015.

Joja is known to play versatile dj sets that every now and then take a step back from straight up club tracks to some melancholic and mostly vocally accompanied tunes. It won‘t come as a surprise for her listeners which path her musical passion took when she found her own sound.
© DJ Phekt & Trishes

12 July: FM4 Friday feat. DJ Phekt & Trishes

Trishes & DJ Phekt are HipHop experts since day one, as such it is only obvious that they are hosting the successful radio broadcast FM4 Tribe Vibes: Austria’s oldest and most important Hip Hop broadcasting show that mirrors the national and international Hip Hop community in a multi-faceted way. We can look forward to an evening of Hip Hop with excursions into Funk, Reggae, Electronic and Soul.
© Franco Forte

13 July: Franco Forte

hosted by 

Disco music
© Succubus & Ottomatic

14 July: Succubus & Ottomatic

The two have known and been inspired from each other for a while now. Their journeys through various music genres are zany and unforeseeable, yet the constants always remain the same: rhythm and power. 
© Ashida Park

15 July: Ashida Park w/ccontrary

Ashida Park is a label based in Vienna and is run by Antonia XM & Amblio. Over the last 3 years, the label’s releases have reached an international audience and are firmly rooted within a global and inclusive club music movement. The artists who are collaborating with Ashida Park are not united by one single genre, rather by expressing their different views on current club music and its congeneric equivalents. Ashida Park label nights serve to create a space for intimacy & excess for its attendees as well as performers. A combination of dark rhythms combined with hyperemotional synths and occasional pop culture references shape those nights musically.

The special guest for this year’s cooperation with ImPulsTanz Festival will be the 20-year-old Moscow based producer ccontrary who released her debut EP in March for the renowned TAR records from Los Angeles. In June she contributed to the most recent release on Ashida Park with a remix for Le Makeup, an emerging Japanese musician. On July 15th ccontrary will make a stop in Vienna while on EU-tour and perform a DJ set alongside ANTONIA XM & Amblio.
© Kat Reynolds

16 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: DJ Hybrid Moves, manuel_julius and Raver Resi!

17 July: Live´n´Local feat. FARCE live // Ana Power

hosted by 

Taking Pop out of the hands of faceless producers in obscure studios around the world and into her bedroom studio, FARCE is playing her way towards becoming one of the most fascinating auteurs in contemporary electronic music. Almost two years after a critically acclaimed EP with an impossible name (Ich sehe im vorbeifahrenden Auto den Unfall mitvorbeifahren in Zeitlupe und rueckwaerts, Meta Matter, 2017) FARCE releases her more aptly titled, much anticipated debut album. HEAVY LISTENING shamelessly requests the listener's full attention as only very few pop records can. Never losing that certain nag for a catchy riff or line, the record finds Veronika J. Koenig (writing and producing in her Viennese bedroom under the moniker FARCE) in much more tangible spheres than on her first EP. Designed as a conceptual journey from start to finish, it declares war on the much discussed death of the album and shows just how far a full, intentional body of work can go. Influenced by and compared to the likes of acts like St. Vincent, Charli XCX or LCD Soundsystem, FARCE continues to produce an intoxicating mixture of off-kilter, experimental ideas and theatrical, highly polished Pop. 

Ana Power's cross genre Djsets do not tell you shit, if it's about danceable music and night entertainment. From chansons to DiscoBoogieWorldBeatFunk, from Rudolfsheim over the 80th floor straightway to Groove Ville. That fits! Ps: Schlager included. 
© Karolina Miernik

18 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: DJ PowLee, DJ ekosseee, Peeps, DJ Comfy and Suprême KLM.
© uniiqu3

19 July: CLOSED --> ImPulsTanz Party A-Side

DJ Support: Kristian Davidek, d.e.y.

© Stefan Pani

20 July: Disco Nostra

Disconostra is a five-headed collective from Vienna who have found together amongst the colourful streets of the city and sweaty underground clubs to merge into their own specific sound. It will take you on a diverse dancefloor journey uniting influences from all over the world and all times to a wide range of excellent sounds. The repertoire spans from Brazilian Disco over drifting Synthie pop to Afrobeat and House. This is how the collective plays the dancefloors, festivals, bars and meadows of this world always aspired by wanting to dance barefoot in front of the decks themselves.
© Pyromane

21 July: Pyromana & Aston Matters

Flirty, flirty Partytime!
© Martin Johann Krennbauer


LADYSHAVE is a platform for female, transgender and non-binary DJs, VJs and musicians coming from the electronic music scene in vienna. founded ladyshave in 2000. One of its main intentions is also to provide a stage and audience for newcomers. (Petra Kißlinger) is a dj, promoter and mastermind of „Me and Jane Doe“. She started her career 2000 in Vienna. LADYSHAVE was also launched the same year. Her sets are a mix between electro, electro-pop, minimal, acid and techno.
© Kat Reynolds

23 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today:
22 – 23:30 CRITICAL TECHNO #2 - a channeling bodywith Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch
23:30 – 01:00 DJ Totonaca
01:00 – 02:00 DJ ESSAOUIRA
02:00 – 03:00 Christoph Punzmann
03:00 – end Mermaid & Seafruit
© Forian Rainer

24 July: Live´n´Local feat. Nødstop live // Testa & Worst Messiah

Leading lights of the Austrian hip hop and electronica scenes, The Unused Word (Anna Schauberger) and Testa (Lukas Ljubanovic), have joined forces as Nødstop. The duo are releasing their debut seven track EP “Ø” in April 2019. With nods to Portishead and hints of Laurie Anderson, “Ø” is a moody, electronic journey graced by Schauberger’s distinctive vocals, Testa’s stylish turntablism, hip hop inspired beats and a cool Scandinavian aesthetic. The captivating soundscape lures the listener in before confronting us with hard hitting lyrics that tackle big themes from the environment to domestic violence, echoing the continuous sense of unease that is the backdrop to contemporary life. This interplay between the music and the lyrics is echoed in the name Nødstop, which is Danish for “emergency brakes”. Indulging in some multilingual wordplay, Schauberger explains, “You can nod your heads to our hip hop-influenced beats, but if you start listening to the words, you might stop because I do worry about things like climate change, homelessness or violence against women in my lyrics”.

Worst Messiah (anagram of Thomas Wisser), rapper, DJ and more. Underground rap, beats and obscure finds, lots of vinyl.
© Kat Reyonlds

25 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
22:00 – 00:00 LiKi & SaScha
00:00 – 01:00 JC Soundsystem
01:00 – 02:00 DJ homme noir
02:00 – end CatLektric 
© Cid Rim

26 July: FM4 Friday feat. Cid Rim & salute (DJ Set)

CID RIM aka. CLEMENS BACHER is known as a jazz drummer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Vienna, and above all for his hybrid approach to music and sounds as a whole.

Cid Rim’s partner in crime this evening is no other than the congenial producer salute.
© femme dmc

27 July: FEMME DMC (DJ Set)

HipHop & Rap
H∆NN∆ & B.Visible © Blitzkabine

28 July: H∆NN∆ & B.Visible

With a sure instinct on the turntables for beats, bass and related genres, the Viennese HΔNNΔ convinces with diverse mixes, contagious energy and euphoria. The style of her sets - whether alone or together with her DJ partner Dizzy Dee - can best be described as Hip Hop paired with futuristic beats, bass and eclecticism.

Viennese producer B.Visible is always pushing his craft forward with each concept being an evolution. His music is mutating organically as each project brings novelty but always while blending sharp electronic components with dusty acoustic layers. That duality exists in every aspect of his creative journey with DJ sets revolving around second-hand records and modern-day productions but also his live project offering a whole new dimension and generosity to the audience. B.Visible melts the barrier between analog and digital in a such distinctive and elegant way that it feels natural.
© Masa Stanic & Lupi Spuma

29 July: Affine im Sommer feat. Wandl & The Clonious

hosted by 

22-year-old Vienna-resident Wandl developed into one of the most progressive and interesting european producers in recent years. His longplay-debut „It's All Good Tho“ brings his take on melodic vocals and experimental, bass driven instrumentals to the fore. His EPs "Milk", "Soon" and his Affine-debut „Far Way Home“ stretch out his personal vision of brainfeeder-nerdism and state of the art bedroom-soul. On "It's All Good Tho" he plays almost all the instruments, channels his vocals through machines, alienates and exposes them – and he's not shy of monumental hooks.

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks –music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all.
© Karolina Miernik

30 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
22:00 – 00:30 DJ Daybee Dee
00.30 – 01:30 DJ HARVEY @ god’s entertainment
01:30 – 02:30 DJ Bombay 
© Astrid Knie

31 July: Live´n´Local feat. Synesthetic 4 live // The ZEES

The band Synesthetic 4 developed out of the the Austrian Ensemble Synesthetic Octet founded and lead by Vincnet Pongrácz. In 2016 Peter Rom, the Octet's guitar player and Pongrácz decided to work on a quartet version of 8 piece band. After a few concerts in Austria and Germany it was clear though that it would not be lastingly satisfying to just adapt the Octet's music for the smaller band, so Pongrácz and Rom started an intensiv collaboration out of wich the current programme grew and wich allowed them to play at some renowed venues and festivals like the Jazzwerkstatt Bern and the Saalfelden Jazz Festival after just a year of the bands existence. In the fall of 2018 they started a residency at the Club Rhiz in Vienna with the title Synesthetic Wednesday where the band presents a new programme every month with various local and international guests. The First CD of the Quartet will be released in the fall of 2019.

The legendary DJ ZUZEE (Waxolutionists) welcomes his wife, originally a dancer, behind the turntables. DJing together as the „THE ZEES“, they prove with their unique sound that the combination of music and dance is not only the secret ingredient of a happy marriage, but also for party nights to remember. They play everything that falls under the category “funky” and varies, depending on the ingredients (Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, etc.) – in any case, it tastes delicious! 
ImPulsTanz lounge 2016 © Karolina Miernik

01 August: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
22.00 – 02:00 Publikumsdienst on Decks
02:00 – end    Team Zissou 
© Slack Hippy & Sebastian Schlachter

02 August: FM4 Friday feat. Slack Hippy & Sebastian Schlachter

Born within the sound of Bow Bells (a real Londoner for the uninformed ; ) ) and raised in peaceful Cornwall. Slack Hippy lives in Vienna since 1991 and DJs (since 1990) under the name of Slack Hippy regularly in most of the top spots in and around Vienna and Austria. He is resident DJ for the Friday night Electronic Music Radio show La Boum De Luxe on FM4 and is Host and founder of the Monthly Breakbeat show "The Dogs Bollocks" on FM4. He has played all over Austria since 1991 and have built up a reputation as a technically fine skilled DJ with many musical surprises in my record box. He is always ready for a good party and has a good instinct for pleasing the music hungry crowds.

Sebastian Schlachter's DJ sets are dominated by the 4/4 beat, from the early 80s to today. New and forgotten, legendary and groundbreaking of disco, house, techno, post-disco, wave and electro are sure to be found in his record pockets.
© Andreas Waldschutz & Zanshin Samlrl

03 August: Affine im Sommer feat. Zanshin & Sam Irl (Freerange / Jazz & Milk) hosted by Metropole

hosted by  

Zanshin is a musician, sound artist and producer of electronic music from Vienna, Austria.
The name "Zanshin" is a concept from Japanese martial arts and translates roughly as "omnidirectional attention", reflecting his many inspirations and interests - correspondingly he tries to channel his ideas mostly into three creative outlets: As Zanshin he releases music on Affine Records and disko404 and his tracks and remixes are covering a broad range from driving, polyrhythmic dancefloor affairs to experimental beatless sonic structures, sometimes massive, sometimes fragile. Zanshin appears on stage either as a live act, arranging his tracks live and providing an inspiring, challenging and powerful experience. Or as a DJ, where he simply likes to provide great music to dance to, playing modern techno/bass music and/or house music with a funk and jazz vibe. Together with his friend Daniel Kohlmeigner he releases music under the name "Ogris Debris". Their trademark sound is a mixture of vocal hooklines and inventive and vigorous house music with which they are aiming to entertain audiences with their energetic live shows.

Growing up in a small village in rural Lower Bavaria, Sam Irl learned to play the piano at an early age, later moving on to jazz, first attempts at music production and DJ-ing. The lack of an existing underground music scene in his home town provided him and his friends with a healthy need and rooted foundation to organize their own regular parties, playing eclectic music ranging from roots reggae, hip hop, broken beat to house. Since moving to Vienna over a decade ago and completing his degree at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Sam has been working as producer, DJ and sound engineer in the vibrant Viennese music scene. This diverse musical background and lots of record digging is a strong influence on his productions, blending sample-based MPC grooves, jazz harmonies, analogue synthesizers and dub elements.
© Caorli

04 August: Caorli

Caorli is a Place on Earth.
// Carini
Flashy, but classy. Music to listen to when alone: Beyone. Music to listen to when not alone: Beyonce. Favourite genre: everything. Inventor of sausage cakes.
// Korli
Flashy. Definitely not classy. Pays you to play Justin Bieber. Can rap to Busta Rhymes. Sausage is life!

// Caorli
too funny to be cool
© Petra Panna Nagy

05 August: cn

Being part of That Good Ẅibe's Collective - an all female DJ crew - cn‘s profound interest in far Eastern hiphop and r’n’b music lets you experience some of the most intriguing joints out of China, Korea and beyond. Seamlessly combining these hidden gems with European and American club bangers, her sets invigorate the dance floor in a manner rarely encountered.
© Karolina Miernik

06 August: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: 
22:00 – 00:00 Lilo Stern & Fio
00:00 – 01:00 Natalia Aerial
01:00 – 02:00 TAREK X
01:00 – end    MOLOSSE & DJ Airhorn
© Afroschnitzel

07 August: Live´n´Local feat. Afroschnitzel live // maree.

Afroschnitzel is the sonic brainchild DJ / producer Mohig and producer-percussionist Ayotheartist.
They first met on an international boarding school in the Czech Republic, back in 1996.
They quickly became friends, realizing having a similarly eclectic taste in music.
Soon thereafter starting to create their own sample based hip hop and leftfield beats with an Akai S20 sampler.

Afroschnitzel are in a constant process of making new underground vibes. Traveling between Vienna and Frankfurt, they meet on weekends to finish fresh tracks and to perform on selected venues. — Looks like a bright musical future for the duo.

While always being surrounded by music, maree. started her career as a DJ in 2016 when she joined the female DJ collective „Brunnhilde” in Vienna. Her sound spectrum ranges from Soul & Funk, Disco and Hip Hop via House, Tech House and Techno.
Besides a few projects as a singer/songwriter, she has played at several venues e.g. Grelle Forelle, Pratersauna, Das Werk, Fluc, Horst and many more. Last year she became part of the collective „hausgemacht” who are hosting a variety of events in Vienna. At the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge maree. will charm you with energizing house tunes.
© Karolina Miernik

08 August: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today:
22:00 – 23:30 Muskelkater
23:30 – 01:00 soy & sumak
01:00 – 02:00 DJ Piepmaster Piep
02:00 – 00:00 Maxipanic & YUZU
© Luciana Damiao

09. August: CLOSED --> ImPulsTanz Party B-Side

DJ Support: Dalia Ahmed, Spinelly

© sofie & lil promise

10 August: Sofie & lil promise

hosted by  

lil promise triggers the dance-mad crowd with 80's Japanese Disco, Electro, Industrial, House, Ambient and video game music. His contrasting sets range from melodic synth sounds to simple industrial melodies.

Sofie is a classically trained musician, part of the Stones Throw family, original member of the Boiler Room team, and herself an eclectic DJ, with a monthly radio show on London's NTS radio. She currently lives in Vienna, works for Stones Throw, Freelance for Boiler Room, plays synth and guitar in a band and is a member of the Vienna Academic Philharmonic.
The P's © Moritz Wallmueller

11 August: The P’s live Pezo Fox & Rawkat

Funk, hip hop and R'n'B

ImPulsTanz soçial in cooperation with FM4.



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