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ImPulsTanz festival lounge opening - Mavi Phoenix © Karolina Miernik
ImPulsTanz festival lounge opening - Mavi Phoenix © Karolina Miernik

Festival Lounge 2017


From 13 July to 13 August 2017 the ImPulsTanz festival lounge will open its doors daily at 22:00 and prepare the deck chairs for you. The infamous party oasis at Burgtheater Vestibül promises danced through nights thanks to a great selection of DJs, live concerts and chilled drinks. And admission is even free!

Only two times the lounge takes a little rest, when ImPulsTanz soçial invites to the two grand parties in Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz.

13 July–13 August 2017, daily from 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül, Universitätsring 2, 1010 Wien
Sofas • DJs • Cocktails • Concerts • Snacks • Deck Chairs
Photo Booth

FM4 Friday - in cooperation with the Austrian alternative radio FM4 you will have the pleasure with the Créme de la Créme of local Dj exports at the Vestibül.

Affine im Sommer - the flagships of the exceptional Viennese label will spin the turn tables for you also this year - this summer with some newcomers on board!

ImPulsTanz on decks - well known, always a blast: each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz team, festival artists and workshop teachers will share their favourite party music with you.

All ImPulsTanz festival lounge events in the Burgtheater Vestibül are of free admission!

ImPulsTanz soçial has its own facebook page now. Please join us for regular updates. FACEBOOK

Mavi Phoenix © Lukas Gansterer

13 July: OPENING NIGHT feat. Mavi Phoenix live feat. Alex The Flipper / DJ support by Sweet Heat DJ Team

Probably it's not exactly Austria that pops into your mind when looking for the next uprising pop star. But Mavi Phoenix might change these preassumptions at last with her unique mix of hip hop and urban pop. Already at the age of 11 she started to develop her producing style, thanks to her father's old macbook. David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age are definitely among her musical companions, but it's rap music that had the most influence on Mavi's unmistakable style and self-assured attitude, that catapulted her among others in the  Billboard US Viral Top 50 Charts. Her Young Prophet EP established her as new star of Urban Pop and one of the most exciting newcomers in 2017 and beyond.


Sweet Heat is a monthly club in Vienna.
The hosts are known for their taste for new fresh electronic music as well as their ability to gently push the party to it's limits. Expect disco, bass, blings, dancing, staying late and some more dancing!

Makossa & Sugar B

14 July: FM4 Friday feat. Swound Sound Recording Session by Makossa & Sugar B / DJ support by Sweet Susie

For 25 years Makossa & Sugar B have been presenting their legendary Saturday night radio show Swound Sound, initially on Ö3, since 1995 on FM4.

Susi Rogenhofer aka Sweet Susie is a visual artist, cultural worker, electronic musician, DJ and lecturer from Vienna. Since 1995 Sweet Susie is appearing in various festivals and clubs from Europe to Asia. Her DJsets are musical journeys into diverse genres, cultures and times, which are all starting with dub.
Between 1995-2007 Sweet Susie organized together with Sugar B  and Gümix the legendary Dub Club in Viennese Flex. This was internationally well known as an insitution of the so called „Vienna Sound“ and for club music of all styles with a focus on Dub and Reggae. Her work as an electronic musician ranges from club music till experimental electronic and soundart.
Due to the 100 years International Women’s day she co-founded the platform femous, which aimed to promote female artists in the music scene.
Die Migrantigen © Golden Girls

15 July: Die Migrantigen / The Migrumpies O.S.T. on decks

Ghettobäm sounds in the ImPulsTanz festival lounge. The posse out of the movie Die Migrantigen will spin the turntables for you.
Disco Nostra

16 July: Disco Nostra

Disco Nostra is a five-headed collective from Vienna who have found together amongst the colourful streets of the city and sweaty underground clubs to merge into their own specific sound. It will take you on a diverse dancefloor journey uniting influences from all over the world and all times to a wide range of excellent sounds. The repertoire spans from Brazilian Disco over drifting Synthie pop to Afrobeat and House. This is how the collective plays the dancefloors, festivals, bars and meadows of this world always aspired by wanting to dance barefoot in front of the decks themselves.
The Clonious & Wandl

17 July: Affine im Sommer feat. The Clonious & Wandl

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact
with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks –music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all. A soulsearcher and vinyl aficionado who wouldn’t mind to know how to smash a breakdance in a jam packed club, usually he ticks out without being asked anyhow though. His journey started in 2007 where he participated at the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto. Just 2 years later he got signed by San Francisco based Ubiquity Records releasing his debut album “Between the Dots” which received great attention and reputation all over the world. In 2010 he teamed up with his labelmate Cid Rim for the split EP “Full Nelson” and served a fine blend of various uptempo styles plus a collaboration with respected Detroit Vocalist Paul Randolph. Over the years The Clonious proved his qualities as a versatile DJ from Vienna to Cape Town. As a remixer as well - you can find various trademark reworks for the likes of Alice Russell, longtime companion Dorian Concept or Krts on his visiting card.
The Clonious ft. Musinah – One At A Time
The Clonious – Truth (ft. Paul Randolph)
The Clonious vs. Cid Rim – Elevate Festival 2011

"From the start music has been connected to visuals for me", reckons Wandl. If you listen to the 20-year-old musician and producer who grew up near Vienna reflect on his personal creative epicenter it's not all about the social setting for the music. Wandl recalls early violin lessons, starting to sing at an early age and learning a lot of various English lyrics by heart from CD booklets. However, he emphasizes his imaginings are really derived from drawings. Hip Hop was no obstacle for him but rather became his main inspiration and reference point. During his early teens Wandl began to experiment with music production software and writing his first songs. Since then he has doggedly pursued a musical vision to push the boundaries of musical genres. Wandl builds low-flying and tightly braided beats, which he combines with free-floating vocals and engaging melodies. His seemingly fragile designs are transformed in an amazing way in vivid soundscapes that blur into a synthetic lucid dream. Similar parameters also apply to his live shows, which he realises with good friend and visual artist Clemens Haas.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2016 © Miernik/Milewska

18 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: mimi, PRICE – Greates Hits | Concert, DJ Hinni,
Mermaid & Seafruit DJ Set, Ottomatic & Succubus
Sketches on Duality

19 July: SKETCHES ON DUALITY live / DJ support by The ZEE´s

SKETCHES ON DUALITY is a hip hop | spoken word | jazz quintet straight out of vienna's vibrant music scene. Founded end of 2015, this group always plays out the quintessence that makes up their music: soul. Stretch music, the band's definition for their exciting blend of hip hop and jazz influences.
Line up:
Jahson The Scientist (Vocals)
Heli Mühlbacher (Guitar)
Felipe Scolfaro Crema (Keys)
Philipp Kienberger (Bass)
Michael Prowaznik (Drums)

The legendary Viennese DJ ZUZEE (Waxolutionists) asked his wife Mrs. ZEE – actually a dancer – to the turntables! Together as "The ZEEs" and with their unique sound they prove that the combination of music and dance is not only the secret recipe for a happy marriage, but also for unforgettable party nights. What they will serve can be categorized as "funky" and may vary according to the ingredientes (hip hop, soul, funk, disco, house,...) – in any case, it will be tasty!

20 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: shweetplum, JUST IN, Lazyblood | Concert, Florentina Holzinger & Judith Rohrmoser & Jessyca Hauser, Bobos Don’t Cry
ImPulsTanz Party 2016 © Karolina Miernik

21 July: CLOSED > ImPulsTanz Party at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

Sixtus Preiss & Band live (Affine Records)
MOTSA (DJ set)
Zanshin & The Reboot Joy

22 July: Affine im Sommer feat. Zanshin & The Reboot Joy Confession

Zanshin is a musician, sound artist and producer of electronic music from Vienna, Austria. The name "Zanshin" is a concept from Japanese martial arts and translates roughly as "omnidirectional attention", reflecting his many inspirations and interests - correspondingly he tries to channel his ideas mostly into three creative outlets: As Zanshin he releases music on Affine Records and disko404 and his tracks and remixes are covering a broad range from driving, polyrhythmic dancefloor affairs to experimental beatless sonic structures, sometimes massive, sometimes fragile. Zanshin appears on stage either as a live act, arranging his tracks live and providing an inspiring, challenging and powerful experience. Or as a DJ, where he simply likes to provide great music to dance to, playing modern techno/bass music and/or house music with a funk and jazz vibe. Together with his friend Daniel Kohlmeigner he releases music under the name "Ogris Debris". Their trademark sound is a mixture of vocal hooklines and inventive and vigorous house music with which they are aiming to entertain audiences with their energetic live shows. Last but not least Zanshin teams up with his friend and artist/programmer Leonhard Lass as the duo "Depart", conceiving and creating immersive, memorable and sometimes haunting AV-installations and performances with a poetic twist.
Zanshin - Pynnocchyo's Pyrrhusmite (Official Video) 
Zanshin – Summer Night Steam
Zanshin – Lilacc Locc (Official Video)
Zanshin – Esmeralda The Swift (Official Video)

The Reboot Joy Confession is a galactic enterprise, with his rough sound aesthetics the Viennese travels through different genre universes. Utterly bizarre sounds of the Downtempo-House generation, a mix of flashy disco with magical swing, full of secrets and yet steadfast optimistic.
Hedonismus Hacienda

23 July: Hedonismus Hacienda

Hedonismus Hacienda is a collective of music lovers and vinyl-enthusiasts, that found their way into the clubs and ears of the local Austrian scene. From Techno to House and Disco-Explosions, their Sets are an ekstatic celebration of music and hedonism. The Hacienda is everywhere and always inspired by the words of Innercity´s Shanna Jackson: "We don’t really need a crowd to have a party, just a funky beat and you to get it started."

The Hedonismus Hacienda is:
Citizens (Hedonismus Hacienda)
Epikur (Hedonismus Hacienda)
Goldberg (Hedonismus Hacienda / Antropa)
Johnny Defloretti (Hedonismus Hacienda / Disconostra)
In Dada Social

24 July: In Dada Social

In Dada Social is a collective, plattform and club night in Vienna promoting contemporary, hybrid & experimental club music. Founded in 2015 they’ve hosted nights in bigger and smaller locations like Café Leopold, Celeste or Opera Club aiming to create a safe space for either intimacy or excess. Inspired by a global and inclusive club movement they’ve already invited artists like the Jersey Club Queen Uniique, Reggaeton and Grime reinventer Murlo, UK Rapper Paigey Cakey and Staycore’s Mobilegirl.
This night’s international guest is Futon, founder and DJ of the infamous Bojler Club Nights in Ljublana.

Futon (Bojler / Ljubljana)

Antonia (In Dada Social)

Amblio (In Dada Social)
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Karolina Miernik

25 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Tarek Rahoma aka DJ t-rec's, Emmilou Rößling aka fly emmiways, Thomas Dupal aka BOYLORD, Eleanor Bauer & David Van Dijke aka SØRG, Johanna Nielson aka DJ Joana Nicolas, Thomas Proksch aka T#0T#0
Hearts Hearts © Christoph Hudl

26 July: Hearts Hearts (Tomlab) live / DJ support by Dark Euphoria feat. FANKS (DJ / Live Set) hosted by The Gap

Hearts Hearts were formed in Vienna by David Österle and Daniel Hämmerle in 2010. The bare boned sound of the initial duo rapidly evolved during sessions in a monastery in Upper Austria, with new members Johannes Mandorfer on the drums and the electronic musician Peter Paul Aufreiter. The latter was initially engaged as the producer of the band, but ultimately joined Hearts Hearts as a full member. The sessions – also including longterm collaborator and improvising cellist, Christina Ruf – saw the band’s sound change, gaining density, taking on more electronic elements. Able to play together throughout the night, and left to experiment with vintage equipment and racks of effects, the framework of Young was created. 2013 and 2014 were spent exclusively arranging, recording, editing, and mixing their debut.

Dark Euphoria celebrates the joys of heartbreaking everyday drama, hypnotic beats and flamboyant steez. The project was born 2016 during a woodchopping seminar at an Icelandic farm when FANKS howled at the approaching wolves and dropped her axe into the glow of an exploding vulcano.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2016 © Karolina Miernik

27 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Sara S. & Lisa K. - 80s, 90s & more, Flava C and Badgyall Cassie Show case, Dorian Pearce (Four Elements, RLR), CatLektric
DJ Phekt & DJ Cut Ex

28 July: FM4 Friday feat. DJ Phekt (FM4 Tribe Vibes) & DJ Cut Ex

DJ Phekt has been part of the local Hip Hop scene for more than 20 years now. Every Thursday, 22:00 - 00:00, he hosts the Hip Hop programme TribeVibes, by radio FM4, together with Trishes. When Phekt djs he takes you on a musical journey with a main focus on danceable tunes: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae or contemporary Club Sounds.

DJ Cut Ex likes Music, makes Music and enjoys spinnin' it.
Kristian Davidek © Gregor Hofbauer

29 July: Kristian Davidek (FM4 Davidecks) & General Touch

Don't think, dance!
Kristian Davidek hosts his own Saturday evening prime time radioshow "DaviDecks" since 2007 on nationwide youth culture Radio FM4. There is a strong focus on music you can dance to while warming up for the evening. From the wide range of styles on the radio Kristian is taking percussive and mostly melodic music to the club, be it Brazil, Hip Hop, House, Techno or any kind of Breaks. He will try to make you lose it on the dancefloor.

General Touch
Every song that is possible to be mixed, will be used. Lets say abused. I don t separate music into styles, just into: Moves me or moves me not. Everthing that moves me is on the menue.
Katja Schröckenstein

30 July: Katja Schröckenstein

Music from Schröckitown: From Nouvelle Vague to Blaxploitation - Soul/Funk/Afro&Brazil/HipHop / Deephouse.
Vienna based filmmaker, author and DJn Katja Schröckenstein presents you an experienced mix of rare vinyl ranging from Afro&Brazil, HipHop, Boogaloo, Mariachi and Japanese Music, Film-Samples, France Pop to uptempo Deephouse inspired by films from Nouvelle Vague to Blaxploitation as well as the Blackpower Mixtape! Take a ride on the Soultrain…
Roman Rauch & Moony Me

31 July: Roman Rauch (Secret Crunch / Manifest) & Moony Me (Secret Crunch / Hædensa)

Roman Rauch (Philpot/ Klamauk)
Roman Rauch is an uncompromising musician, pushing his musical boundaries and upholding quality in everything he does. He is not only an amazing live act but also a brilliant DJ that blends Deep House with Broken Beat and sophisticated Electronica, with a nod to Chicago and Detroit – deep, rough and real. High demand keeps him busy with constant gigs, radio shows (Generell Deep) and releases on the likes of Quintessentials, Philpot, 4 Lux, Tenderpark, Carmelo, as well as collaborating with Kid Sublime, Minor Sick, Perrez, Alex Bayer, Philta, Blunted Monkz and Dorian Concept and receiving remix treatment from Soulphiction, Ark, Glenn Astro, Skipson and Simoncino among others. You can also add to this his debut LP ‘Heliocentric’ on Klamauk in keeping with Roman’s dusty samples, slowed down grooves and weighty rhythm sections, all drawing on Roman’s years of crate digging. This year he made the bis step and found Secret Crunch together with Moony Me and also got involved in a couple of other label projects.

Eduardo A. Arreaza, aka Moony Me, is a German-Venezuelan producer and DJ living in Vienna.
Since 2007 he's been producing and releasing tracks on labels such as Uncanny Valley, In The Box Records, Lagaffe Tales, Rose Records, Klamauk and Secret Crunch among others.
Mainly within the realms of House Music, his music is characterized by a fondness for Afro-American and Latin American genres (i.e. Soul, Jazz, Salsa, Disco and Funk), clever sampling and the usage of unconventional pitching methods.
To this point, he has worked with artists such as Argy, Jacques Renault, Medlar, Lay-Far, Mr. Statik, Gnork, Roman Rauch, Nachtbraker, Rhode & Brown and Ogris Debris, just to name a few.
Future releases on Super Tuff Records, In Any Case Records, Lagaffe Tales and Secret Crunch, a label ran by himself and Roman Rauch, are already cued up.
The music selection in his DJ-/Live-sets ranges from atmospheric/deep tracks over disco/edits to more ravy and uplifting House and Acid. Always with a dreamy touch and love for Jazz-rooted aesthetics.

01 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Michael Turinsky, Sasha Kleinplatz aka dressandkicks, Karolina Miernik & Emilia Milewska aka DISC-AUNTies, Pauline Stöhr aka Powla, Lilach Livne & Tamar Ben-Cnaan: flirting with the abstract
Tony Renaissance © Tao Yan

02 August: Tony Renaissance live / DJ support by Worst Messiah (Mr. Wisdom)

Tony Renaissance creates an ethereal, raw, electronic landscape that fuses rough and delicate sounds, with synth strings, deep, heavy beats and multi layered choral vocals.
Dream pop, Synthpop, Electronic, Experimental.

Worst Messiah (Mr.Wisdom)
Worst Messiah, alias of anagram fiend Thomas Wisser, is a Vienna based DJ, performer, writer, musician orbiting hip hop and its manifold double stars. Expect an eccentric, eclectic selection.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2016 ©Miernik/Milewska

03 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Samuel Draper aka Womanly Panther, Hyunsin Kim & Magda Drozd aka The Kill Joys LIVE, Costas Kekis, Isabela Santana & Calixto Neto aka byscat & vagaba apokalyptikas, Maxipanic & Jordan
Christian Fuchs & Alexandra Augustin

04 August: FM4 Friday feat. Alexandra Augustin & Christian Fuchs

Alexandra Augustin studied at the Akademy of Fine Arts Vienna performance art where she also started to throw parties. Ever since it is her aim to combine good music and danceability for unforgettable nights. For more than 10 years she has been working for radio FM4 and Ö1. Her music choices range from "A" as in Azelia Banks to "Z" as in Ziggy Stardust. There will be dance!

The evening will be kicked off by FM4 DJ, movie specialist and musician Christian Fuchs (Die Buben im Pelz, Black Palms Orchestra) with a mix of europhoric electropop, rock'n'roll spirit and dark dancefloor tunes.
Franco Forte

05 August: Franco Forte hosted by Carpe Diem

Franco Forte aka Disco Franzisco grew up close to the dancefloor and learned walking to the tunes of  Moroder, Run DMC & Depeche Mode. This 7 hour Dj set will be galactic, epic, with lot's of love and endorphines.
Club Desirée

06 August: Club Desirée feat. Dansmussen, Moosgaard, Ni & Soulspin

From Boogie to Soul, from Disco to Rap, from Funk to House. An eclectic mix infused by the love of black music.
Cid Rim & Lehri

07 August: Affine im Sommer feat. Cid Rim & Lehrl

The world of Cid Rim circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. When
speaking of his influences and musical socialisation, the 28 year old viennese producer and drummer of JSBL inevitably ends in the 70ies of the past century. Think of the JBs, big band sounds á la Stan Kenton or the drum breaks, which widely opened his personal doors to funk.
Through constant exchange with his band colleagues Dorian Concept and The Clonious he sharpened his producer skills and also pushed forward into progressive HipHop and contemporary electronica. While startin´ as an enthusiastic sample digger his current works unfold a tempo-independence, a playful and interlaced sound, shifted with deep chords. A hybrid of programmed beats and analogue drum patterns meets razorsharp grooves and monumental power-steps.
Cid celebrated his debut in 2010 with his Full Nelson EP on Affine Records, followed by a signing from prestigious scottish Label Lucky Me where he released his much-noted and self-titled micro album „CID RIM“ in 2012. In the following year he continued with the 4 track EP „Mute City“. 2013 is also the year where he emerged as a distinctive remixer and collaborator. The last 12 months have seen him produce for Theophilus London and Spoek Mathambo. His trademark remixes for CHVRCHES, Mikky Ekko or Darwin Deez clocked up serious airplay all across the world and been heavily featured by various BBC radio hosts.
Cid Rim – Draw (Official Video)
Cid Rim at Boiler Room London
Cid Rim – Mute City (LIVE, Studio2 Session for Radio FM4)

affine records / holy oxygen

balancing dissolving and crooked continental masses.
knitting johannesburg and vienna brains.
emphasizing differences. emphasizing parallels.
religion x life x science x philosophy.
putting the universal mess into a box.
juggling music. juggling life.
no routine.
think. tanks.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Karolina Miernik

08 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.

09 August: Kœnig live / DJ support by DJ Prohaska hosted by FAQ

ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2016 © Miernik/Milewska

10 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Marina Losin & Olli aka Fio & Lilo Stern, Amaranta Velarde Gonzales aka Amarantis, Publikumsdienst on Decks, Archie Burnett & Bravo
Yasmo © Lars Homann

11 August: CLOSED > danceWEB Party at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

Yasmo & die Klangkantine live
Patrick Pulsinger
Archie Burnett & Brahms „Bravo“ LaFortune

12 August: TRUE DOGS SHOW NO SHAME feat. Preddy Tendergrass

TRUE DOGS SHOW NO SHAME feat. Preddy Tendergrass
danceable hip hop music
"My heart is an island
Who shows her love to sea
Therein lie a harrow
Where fools come visit me“
The P's © Jameson

13 August: The P’s live / support. Paul Nouvet / DJ support by PEZO FOX (Steelo) & RAWKAT (Redroom) hosted by Metropole

The P´s 
… the band without a song …
andie gabauer ( voc, git )
helmut schartlmueler ( bass )
david lackner ( keys )
disco ( drums )
pogo ( git )
piano ( voc )
sabine stieger ( voc )

Paul Nouvet
(aka Pålly) is a 23 years old singer/songwriter from Paris. His music draws influences from punk, hip hop, raggae dub, trough the filter of pop music.
Started performing music at 18, after spending a year with Peter Doherty. Peter offered him a roof when he was struggling through tough times in Paris. Peter taught Paul how to write songs and how to get over personal chaos through creation. Peter became Paul’s mentor. One day Peter offered Paul to perform at his concerts as an opening act. That’s when Paul decided to make music professionally.
After an intense year, Doherty had to leave Paris and go to Thailand for health reasons. Paul, on his own again, absorbed by music, started to gig around town with different names and different bands.
Hedi Slimane working for Saint-Laurent at the time, got in touch with Paul. Hedi appreciated Paul’s personality and gave him the opportunity to travel with him to California for 6 months, to walk his shows, shoot campaigns and work with him on a daily basis. Hedi also collaborated with Paul on soundtracks for teasers.
Paul just finished to record a debut album with Wolfgang Schlögl from the band Sofa Surfers here in Vienna.
The artwork is made by Andrew Finch, an artist friend from Peckham, London.

PEZO FOX (steelo) & RAWKAT (redroom)
Already in their teenage years Pezo Fox and his companion Rawkat made their marks in the Viennese Hip Hop clubs. Today their sound moves between Disco, Breakbeats and funky Hip Hop. Get down and boogie!

ImPulsTanz soçial in cooperation with FM4.
ImPulsTanz soçial programme: (H)Anna & party_queen productions



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