Public Moves 2019 Laura 18© Karolina Miernik
Public Moves 2019 Laura 18© Karolina Miernik


Outdoor Workshops for free

15 July–11 August 2019
Daily, 17:00–18:15
Anton-Benya-Park, Argentinierstraße, 1040 Vienna
between Theresianumgasse and Plößlgasse
behind Theater Akzent

U1: Taubstummengasse; Tram D: Plößlgasse

15 July–11 August 2019
Daily, 19:00–20:15
Jesuitenwiese, 1020 Vienna
between Rotundenalle and Rustenschacheralle 
close to the Volleyball court

Tram 1: Wittelsbachstraße, Bus 4A, 80A: Wittelsbachstraße

03 August 2019
Radsommer at Donaukanal in Cooperation with Mobilitätsagentur
Freda-Meissner-Blau-Promenade (near Salztorbrücke), 1010 Vienna
U1: Schwedenplatz; U2, U4: Schottenring; Tram 1: Salztorbrücke; Bus 2A: Salztorbrücke


The crème de la crème of the contemporary dance scene takes its classes partly outside – from 15th July to 11th August daily at the Arbeiterkammer Wien's Anton-Benya-Park as well as on Jesuitenwiese (Prater) and as part of Radsommer Wien at Donaukanal on the 3rd of August. Every day another ImPulsTanz teacher will share his or her personal passion for dance for 75 minutes. Thanks to the generous support of Arbeiterkammer Wien all introductory workshops are for free! Everyone is welcome, no previous knowledge and no pre-registration necessary! Open to all levels, all abilities and ages! Meeting point is the squeaky yellow dancefloor – unshakeable in any weather!

The Programme

All Public Moves classes


15 July – Vera Rosner

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

This is an invitation for everyone aged 08–88: how does it work, wheelchair and dance? Muscles and bones, wheels and spokes, everything hits one’s stride. With Vera Rosner you can change your perspective and exercise some wheelchair tricks – probably this will turn into a wheelchair ballet.

© Regina Brocke

15 July – Ismael Ivo

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Creation is movement: and the sacred dance arises from the need to identify with the eternal sources of the creative forces of the cosmos. In this class the traditional form of the circle is used to bring the participants in contact with the energies of the group. Ismael Ivo, the co-founder of ImPulsTanz, invites everyone to celebrate dance and prepare different ideas and body movements. Dance as ritual.

© Emilia Milewska

16 July – Tunc Leech Uysaler

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Turns out: Leech was actually raised in the neighbourhood of the Anton-Benya-Park, which is where he started, as one of the first one ins Austria, with Parkour. In case you’ve always wanted to jump smoothly on, over and around the gear at the playground – Leech, who won the Austrian Beatbox Championships twice – will show you a couple of Parkour-tricks!

© Emilia Milewska

16 July – Adriana Almeida Pees

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00
BMC® – 
In this shared time togheter we will explore movements that can offer new easy ways to move in relation the earth, lightness, nature and others. Connecting the body's structure and systems that support the flow of our movement. A Fasci(a)nating opportunity to learn more about the own body in your own timing!

© Ernst Kainerstorfer

17 July – Grischka Voss

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

The actress, writer, director and founder of the bernhard ensemble explores possibilities through playful BodyWork, for example: a huge ear shopping in the store of a giant nose. You can be anything you can imagine!!

© Emilia Milewska

17 July – Kenji Takagi

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

For over 8 years Kenji was a company member of Pina Bausch's legendary Tanztheater Wuppertal (this year at the Burgtheater with "Masurca Fogo"). At ImPulsTanz he teaches not only professionals but also beginners, supporting them in their creative freedom. We have all moved from an early age and thus accumulated a wealth of movement experience, thus we are all creators of movement!

© Kat Reynolds & Franzi Kreis

18 July – Johanna Figl & Martina Rösler

Anton Benya Park, 17:00

In this holistic trial session you will establish power animals, by creating a whole world around them, including their energy spectrum, matching sounds and any extended range of motion. In the end, albatross, bark beetles and friends will be celebrating in the spectacular power animal Cypher!

© Viktor Sekularac

18 July – Naïma Mazic

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Beats, Offbeats, Triplets, the focus is on rhythm– dancer and choreographer Naïma Mazic has been working intensively for years on the exchange between dancers and jazz musicians. This class will allow the participants to experience the versatility of rhythm in dance, and how similar it is to Jazz music. The warm-up will give an insight into the world of House and Swing Dance. With live music by Ingrid Oberkanins.

© Michael Kern

19 July – Jaskaran Anand

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

This workshop combines games with Bollywood dance. We deal with complex footwork, mudras (hand gestures) and some groovy elements from traditional Indian dance, all packed into sportive games. Dive deep into the relationship between body and rhythm!!


19 July – Raul Maia

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

In this open level session by Raul, who worked amongst others with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, Tino Sehgal, Fanni Futterknecht, we will use interaction with the "other“ as a source of experience and knowledge. Fulfilling simple game like scores we will generate physical forms of communication between us, creating the time and the space to listen and to act through each other. 

© Tim Cavadini

20 July – Katrin Blantar aka La Draganda & Karin Cheng

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

We can all learn so much from the voguing spirit: here every body gets celebrated, the sensuality, the diversity, mutual respect ... pure empowerment. Voguing as a total experience ia not at all self-centred, but always community-promoting. Highly recommended, also because of the Disco & House Beats!

© Nina Saurugg

20 July – Jermaine Browne

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

A fusion of Jazz, HipHop and Funk, full with Jermaine’s electrifying combination of strength and sensuality combining hard-hitting style with clean lines. Jermaine is a very successful choreographer and performer in the Pop- and R’nB’ scene as well as in fashion and music shows. He worked a. o. with mit Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Gorillaz. 

© Karolina Miernik

21 July – Defne Erdur

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
The Turkish pedagogue, performer, masseuse and above all, whirlwind, combines anatomy and emotion, consciousness and (art) therapy, fun and seriousness in one class. You will slowly bring out the knowledge that exists in every body with all kinds of tricks. Flying and dancing towards contentment and lightness!

© Paula Lobo

21 July – Miguel Gutierrez

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

The Feldenkrais Method® reawakens, restores and revitalises the capacity for movement and function in all bodies. It is a spectacularly generative practice for people who are devoted to movement as a means of exploration and expression. Miguel will show how you get from sensing into movement improvisation in such a short time.

© Marika Rákóczy

22 July – Claudia Hitzenberger

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
This open class focuses on the (inner) centre, which has a lot to tell about us human beings – it hosts a lot of beauty but also pain. This calls for a sensitive and experienced teacher such as Claudia, who combines her Yoga classes with her training in Spiraldynamik®. You have to try it!!

© Leech

22 July – Akos Hargitay

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Akos is a specialist for hybrid movement forms. He created the name of this idiosyncratic and wild dance style, which is influenced by: Parkour, Tricking, HipHop and Breaking, Capoeira and the Circus, but most of all Contemporary Dance. He will also bring his Air Trick Mat. This special mat works like a huge trampoline and enables „bigger“ movement for everyone no matter what age or experience. 

© Chris Randle

23 July – Charles Koroneho

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Charles, who lives in Canada, combines Western movement techniques with traditional Maori martial arts: it is all about breathing, stretching, contact and spatial – a collaborative space in which we can improvise, perform and be in full mindfulness and fully aware of the other elements in the room.

© Iris Shala

23 July – DaDa Milan & PLENVM Ninja

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

In Voguing, you tell your story and show us who you are through the use of the 5 elements: Hands, Catwalk, Duckwalk, Floor Performance, Spins & Dips. You think you're fierce? Let's put it to the test, then! We will show you how to let your individuality shine, and how to make your brain and body respond quickly to unknown situations. Come strut with us!

© Emilia Milewska

24 July – Jeremy Wade

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Disruption, Ecstasy, Excess, Hyper Vulnerability – For Public Moves Jeremy invites participants to engage the behavioural, animal and emotional vocabulary of matriarchal gestures – gestures of civic and domestic support, protection / being protected and eventually he will teach the powerful, simple and oh so popular Circle Dance of Systemic Support.

© Clara Furey

24 July – Peter Jasko

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

The Belgium-based super nice and energetic Slovakian – who started off his career as a folk dancer – offers a dynamic mixture of technique but also improvisation and a lot of play. Got any doubts? Then take a look at the cover photo!

© Beniamin Boar

25 July – Marta Coronado

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Verticality and gravity, the head-neck connection as impulse for movement, awareness for alignment and the relation to the floor – all of these are essentials of the Reslease technique, that mainly helps to develop movement efficiency. A speciality of the immensely likeable Rosas-dancer, who has just opened the Choreographic Centre La Faktoria in Pamplona.

© Adrien Michel

25 July – Frey Faust

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Our culture and physical education often dictate that we hold and move our bodies in flattened shapes, hold ourselves upright and move one-sidedly. This is what the veteran of the New Yorker contemporary art scene and founder of the Axis Syllabus Method has been going against for decades. Free yourself!

© Laurent Gambarelli

26 July – Alleyne Dance

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Kristina and Sadé of Alleyne Dance, invite you to join them in a moment of exchanging life through movement and music. Passion and sweat! A joyful environment, where African styles are merged with contemporary dance moves – the Alleyne sisters will make you sweat, guaranteed! Pure joy of life!

© Karolina Miernik

26 July – Kaveri & Philipp Sageder

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

How fast can you stomp your feet to the rhythm? Can you tell a story only with your hands? Are you fascinated by India and the classical dance form Kathak? Which beats and sounds can you create with your voice and your body? Are you interested in Beatboxing, Bodypercussion and rhythm? Come and find out!!

© Silvia del Barrio

27 July – Jose Agudo

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Flamenco originated in the streets of Andalusia and is an expression of freedom specially when performed outdoors. For this occasion we will learn a few simple flamenco steps with nice new Flamenco R&B music and improvise within the rhythms: clapping and stomping and celebrating.

© Andrew Mournehis

27 July – Andrew Mournehis

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Andrew comes all the way from Australia to bring to life a wonderful dance form, which combines dance with mythology and storytelling, as a way of accessing the Deities within us. For this session he will present the "Ecstatic Dance of Radhe/Krishna" to bring joy and play to our soul and find the "superpower" of love within us all. Expect to have lots of fun!!

28 July – Salma Abdel Salam

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

In this class we will treat the body as a generator of political possibilities, alternative narratives and subversive tactics, highlighting the body as a continuous performing entity. We will make use of being in a public space together, to question the importance of movement as a performative tool and to understand how dance/movement can either blend or disrupt the flow of the everyday.

© Rainer Berson

28 July – Futurelove Sibanda

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

The dancer, actor and singer from Zimbabwe already gained a lot of stage experience at a young age. In his open class he is inviting everyone to get to know the rhythms of the streets in Southern Africa and shows how to find inspiration from rhythms and movements of the daily life.

© Jeremy Salazar

29 July – Sri Louise

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Let us come together in the spirit of Yoga to contemplate the precarity of our climate. We’ll use asana as a way to reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other. As a collective, we can decide what we want our future to be and commit to defending it! #ExtinctionRebellion

© Jakub Tryniszewksi

29 July – Storm

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Storm is one of the most known references in HipHop and street dance history worldwide. As a cosmopolitan researcher in the field of urban dance development, his expertise has helped building communities and events all across the planet. In this class he will give an overview over the history and philosophy of Locking.

© Christopher Matthews

30 July – Christopher Matthews

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Chris is an award-winning choreographer-dancer, trained in Ballet, early Modern Dance, Classical & Commercial Jazz, who claims: „I’m a jazzerina!“. He is inspired by (among others) Bob Fosse, whose famous moves have already been bitten off by Michael Jackson.

© Emilia Milewska

30 July – Daybee Dorzile

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Daybee has worked with Seeed and Jan Delay, as well as with Sarah Connor or Mariah Carey, bringing Caribbean taste into the HipHop world, both musically and in her dance style. Everything that has been danced on Youtube in the last 15 years, has already been embodied by her and she knows how to charmingly transmit it.

© Patrick Beelaert

31 July – Sabine Sonnenschein

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Experience what it's like to be carried/supported by the ground and the others while playing with gravity! Through listening to each other, we will find and create our unique dance in the moment, through touching, supporting, holding and carrying each other.

© Elsa Okazaki

31 July – Lise Lendais

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Do you like to dance in front of the mirror? Then this class is for you! We will convert the space into a theatre and whoop it out on stage! Lise has worked with Needcompany, nadaproduction, Anne Juren and many more, she is set and costume designer and soon co-director of LE STUDIO Film und Bühne in Vienna.

© Karolina Miernik

01 August – Laura Aris

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Laura was a dancer with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and creates her own work since 2009. She is very passionate when it comes to search for the dynamic interplay and exchange of artistic interests with her students. This super talent is a constant among the ImPulsTanz teachers since 2006.

© Timoteus Tomicek

01 August – Yosi Wanunu

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

How to speak in the public arena? What is the right text, the right voice, the effective level of projection?
Let’s get loud and exercise our freedom of speech by voicing what is dear to us out in the open. Yosi is artistic director of toxic dreams, who will present their newest work at the Schauspielhaus during the festival.

© Emilia Milewska

02 August – Fabiana Pastorini

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

Originally from Argentina, Fabiana Pastorini found BodyWork by way of Ballet, Graham technique and African expressive dance and now channels all her experience into developing and teaching "Dance for Health“. Her method is based on traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology and dance. She has a lot to offer and ignites everyone's zest for life! Come back into your body and dance!

02 August – Attila Zanin

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Did you always want to know how to dance like a robot or how to do the wave? Here you can learn it! We get to know the basics of Locking, Popping, Breaking and Electric Boogaloo. The goal is to learn different moves of the HipHop Universe and to have fun while developing our own individual style.

03 August – Irene Coticchio

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

With the fouding memeber of the collective cowbirds you can experience the deep correlation between voice, body and breath, and how the voice affects the movement and the other way around. Voice, rhythm and improvisation exercises, will progressively awaken our own body and voice presence.

© Marta Lamovsek

03 August – Tunc Leech Uysaler

Radsommer am Donaukanal in collaboration with Mobilitätsagentur, 18:00
In case you’ve always wanted to jump smoothly on, over, around the gear at a playground and especially over bikes – Leech, who won the Austrian Beatbox Championships twice – will show you a couple of Parkour-tricks!

03 August – Akemi Takeya

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

featuring LIVE-DJ Sebastian Bauer
This class is set up as the medley of each one’s individual bodily motions – simply made up by the motifs of daily movements, favourite movements, which will be guided by Takeya’s movement methods, the  “Baby Breathing technique” . It is carried out as a session throughout Takeya’s instruction. Be capricious and let you move!!

04 August – Amanda Piña replaced by Cristina Sandino

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
A public class about the pleasure of movement and the decolonisation of the body. A dance about resistance which emerged from the border between Mexico and the US, in co-existence of indigenous roots, pop culture and HipHop attitude. Danza y Frontera (Museums Version), Amanda's newest work out of her series Endangered Human Movements  will be presented in the frame of ImPulsTanz x Museum.

© Rio Rutzinger

04 August – Christopher Matthews

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Chris is an award-winning choreographer-dancer, trained in Ballet, early Modern Dance, Classical & Commercial Jazz, who claims: „I’m a jazzerina!“. He is inspired by (among others) Bob Fosse, whose famous moves have already been bitten off by Michael Jackson.

© He Shao Hui

05 August – Ria Probst

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Sens, meet, act! Klein Technique, Skinner Releasing, BMC, Yoga and Qi Gong Practices, Fascial Training Knowledge, Life, Longing and down-to-earth daily practices and duties – all of them and more form the fruitful soil and luscious air for maRia’s sense-, bounce-, swing- snippets of contemporary dance. 

© Andreas Waldschütz

05 August – Simon Mayer

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Dancing because it's fun and a great get-together. On this journey we meet through known and spontaneously invented folk dances (single, group and couple dances), which connect us by practising different exercises. We engage with themes such as intimacy, social warmth, sense of home and identity. Celebrate a folk dance focussing on what unites us instead of clinging to what differs us from others. Welcome (y)our diversity!

© Nadja Meister

06 August – Sabine Parzer

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Somatic principles in connection with contemporary dance improvisation help us train mindfulness in body and space and to express ourselves freely. With each breath, each movement and each contact we dance into a state of awakened and relaxed being.

© David Ward

06 August – Angélique Willkie

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Ange is back! The Canadian, who has worked for years with the trio Zap Mama as well as with the choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, emphasises in her lessons the body as a source of both movement/dance and the voice. She fully encourages body-specific development of the "voice movements" of each of the  participants.

© Hanna Fasching

07 August – Veza Fernandez Ramos

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Veza is interested in scenic arts, which is why she fuses the possible and impossible dialogue between voice and dance, classical theatrical, choreographic and performative formats with what should be seen as new. Veza will show, what you can do when your voice gets stuck!

© Gian Marco Castelberg

07 August – Mahara McKay

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Discover how you can use the elements to find out more about yourself in a fun and nourishing way. Experience the transmission of Fire / power while we practice the Haka (Maori Ceremonial Dance) after a grounding experience that helps you to relax, flow into the element of water, feel connected as we move into the element of air, representing love. Then enjoy the spacesness and emptyness of no mind, as we finish with the element of Ether/Space.

© Sven Hagolani

08 August – Jess Curtis

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
How do our senses inform, support, interrupt confuse and enable the (inter)actions we call dancing? What is in the space between sensing and doing, or is there any space there? How does doing create sensing? How do we enact our perception(s)? How might we perform our perception?


08 August – Karine LaBel

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00
Karine gives an insight into Afro-Haitian dance, which is characterised by rhythm-charged movements and has its roots in the world of myths of Western and Central Africa. Something to unwind! And live percussion!!

© Karolina Miernik

09 August – Paul Wenninger

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
The freelancing dancer, choreographer and filmmaker introduces Tai Ki Kung / San Feng, a unique Tai Chi form from South China, that apart from its benefits for the body, can unfold the creative potential!

09 August – Maria F. Scaroni

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

This is a score about receiving unconditional support. Each person receives 10 minutes of unconditional physical support, an anti-gravity experience, a luxury for those who want to save therapy money, a post-contact improvisation score, a sketch for a social clinic for the future. The score is open to anybody, it includes touching and being touched.

© Philipp Schuster

10 August – Cat Jimenez

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00

In House tempo through the park: you will learn basic House steps and how to spice them up with your individual details! We will turn the park into a disco!

© Buzludza/BG

10 August – Ziya Azazi

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

The dancer and choreographer who is acquainted with the world’s big and small stages (opening ceremony of the Olympics in London all the way to street protests in Istanbul) will introduce the hallucinatory joy in spinning and turning of Dervish in Progress in this workshop!

11 August – Moravia Naranjo

Anton-Benya-Park, 17:00
Align and free your body from head to toe. Learn the basic routines of Yamuna Body Rolling to take care of your legs, pelvis and spine; to ease your hips, shoulders and neck. Roll through tension, melt your stress away and feel better in your body.

© Julie Calbert

11 August – Elizabeth Ward

Jesuitenwiese, 19:00

Afraid of Ballet? Don't be!! This is Ballet to Techno music. Growing out of the Anti Fascist Ballet School practice, initiated by Elizabeth, this open class works with plant medicines forgotten yet embedded in Ballet. This work is somatic, imaginative, collective, grounding and joyful! 

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