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Shan Robitzky
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Daybee Dorzile

Party Dances & Funktastic Jam

Shake Shake!

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This Workshop is open for everyone and is a mix of basics of several dance styles practised on Funk & Soul, Disco, High-Energy and Jazz Music. I will explain development and evolution of Social Party Dance Styles from the time between 1970 and 1990.

The term "social" is used in that case, because this was the dance styles that everyone would be dancing together, at a party, at a wedding, in the streets, in a youth club, in the disco-clubs, where everybody shared times together to celebrate, like Boogie-Funky-Swing movements to jam together.

It´s also a dance style for Soul & Music Lovers. No specific technique skills are required. This is a feel good class for every level and for having lots of fun!

Dancing is to experience and express thoughts, feelings and the human relationship with space and the society with maximum intensity. Dance is an extension of the life and of daily actions. Dance is worldwide seen as an all-in-one symbolic story, a form of meditation, a performance art, a fun hobby, a game, a sport, a lifestyle, a way of expression, a universal language, a dialogue of civilizations and therapy.

Practiced in groups, my "dance of life" reflects my human relations, communication, develops sympathy, lets me be on a par with everyone, conveys emotion, transmits energy, combats shyness, complexes and blockages etc.

A varied and exciting programme developed in my classes, will show my singularity, formed from the merger of my cultural background, as a Franco-Caribbean native (Paris/Guadeloupe) and my 30 years of dance experiences as a multi-styles teacher, performer, coach and music lover: Zouk, Funk, Disco, Hype, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ragga, African dances, Latin dances, Cheerleaders, background stage Performer, House dance, Waacking... 

ArtistBio: Daybee Dorzile
Workshopoverview 2019
Intensive3: 03. Aug + 04. Aug 2019


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