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Anne Juren (from De humani corporis fabrica book of Andrea Vesalius)
© Anne Juren (from De humani corporis fabrica book of Andrea Vesalius)
Field Projects: 2019

Anne Juren & Philipp Gehmacher

Converging Matters of Anatomy

This Field Project is booked! we are sorry, that we can not accept any more applications! 

For this Field Project Anne Juren and Philipp Gehmacher join forces to put their respective understandings of the body in motion to the test. Both their artistic practices mark a strong interest in the body and what type of acts, movements and physical states are bound to it. Juren and Gehmacher have dissected their bodies into parts in a somewhat familiar though altogether different manner: Whereas Juren renders an anatomical approach fantastic and lends her body to psychoanalytical thought, Gehmacher's approach to the body draws attention to its existential bind to space, yet always being matter and agency at once.

Anyway, let’s not jump ahead. They felt a desire to share their understandings of physicality.

Everyday they will lead through different physical explorations, invite the group to discuss them, always wondering what belief systems stem from them. Ultimately they are interested in how their bodies have shaped their artistic works unknowingly and knowingly. The shoulder is a complex joint, let’s not forget that. But the shoulder is also an in-between, situated between upper body and arm, always laying the groundwork for the gestures and acts that connect the body to the world that is around it. If it is not itself.

ArtistBio: Anne Juren
ArtistBio: Philipp Gehmacher


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