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Esther Balfe & Christina Jauernik


Otherness [Attentional forms]

Exterior and interior oscillating perspectives embodied across and beyond the physical and virtual. The space consists of a technical set up – becoming our environment where figures and bodies are housed in a techno-media setting. A motion-tracking camera system and projection screens translate our immediate activities.

Over the course of two days we will extend the application to an unknown outcome by assuming that existing habits or traits can be influenced. We will ask what drives us to move or react given the confine of the predicament; studying the potentials of exposure and resolution in the shared perception with virtual figures and how such embodiment affects and expands our own movement horizon.

The installation allows for movement research in the interaction with highly articulate virtual figures. INTRA SPACE* is an experimental framework, which critically explores the potentials of a shared corporeality between virtual figures and human bodies to enhance, complicate and corrupt their functional consequences. We look to expound on a plethora of constructs, providing a situation for transgressions across virtual and physical moving bodies.

This dynamic, physical course will culminate in a performative installation intended for a public viewing with the virtual figure. In the run of the 2 days we will lead you through a series of practices including everything from a moving thinkers' warm-up to virtually climbing inside the moving figure. From merging with an object or body to reading and translating the virtual bodies and the bodies of other dancers. You learn how to deflect, corrupt and disarrange movement, challenging ones movement traits into the unfamiliar.  

*INTRA SPACE artistic research project (PEEK AR299-G21) led by Wolfgang Tschapeller, Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund.

ArtistBio: Esther Balfe
ArtistBio: Christina Jauernik
Workshopoverview 2018
Intensive3: 04. Aug + 05. Aug 2018


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