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Meg Stuart & Moriah Evans

Radical Scheming: Collective Dreaming

Two days of holistic speculative practice, that aims to harness the social potential of dance and choreography to envision the future and reflect on the now. We will examine the current moment and its futurity with urgency. We brainstorm, share physical practices, debate, converse, agree and agree to disagree. In order for something to be radical, we cannot know the model it will take. And so, through this combination of scheming and dreaming, we will probe many questions. How can we gather? How can we listen? How can we share? How do we have discussions about racism and sexism in the dance world and propose models for change? How do peace building and conflict resolution inform artistic practice and what do artists have to offer? How might the dance community work things out together? How do we strategise? Do we show the world as it is or how we want it to be? Let us build an art apparatus that examines and discusses, dissects and displays systemic failures rather than subjugates itself to them, repeatedly. Communities are formed in relation to one another; but neither the communities nor the relations are fixed. We can propose new structures, new formats, new thinking. Creative organizing is a necessity. A set of experiential protocols will be proposed but open for critique through further proposals. The dialogues shall slide between sense and nonsense, rational and irrational. A bifurcated approach with scores of scheming juxtaposed to practices of dreaming initially structure the days into a salon of change, a room with a view into the future.

ArtistBio: Meg Stuart
ArtistBio: Moriah Evans
Workshopoverview Meg Stuart 2018
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2018
Intensive1: 21. Jul + 22. Jul 2018


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