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Daniel Aschwanden
© Daniel Aschwanden

Daniel Aschwanden & Barbara Eichhorn


A strong interest in the respective practice led to a collaboration between the drawer Barbara Eichhorn and the choreographer and performer Daniel Aschwanden in 2014. They placed the medial translation between drawing and performance and dance related approaches at the centre of their attention.

The constant transformations in the processes of this translation facilitate a sensitation for the language of the drawn gesture, as well as for that of the movement and are made conscious and get refined. Between these approaches they have switched to the state of blindness as a method, which produces both a special perception of the body as well as perception of space.

Aschwanden / Eichhorn invite the participants to an initially "guided", then independently created, improvisational process. Thus, the choreographic angle is drawn, danced with the experience of drawing, whereby the dance inspires the drawing, just as the sketch is spontaneously interpreted as a notation and a score for movement. The surface of the drawing is the physical opposite of the unbound dance: in space, on the wall, on the floor.

The perception of self and body as well as the opening of "new spaces" lead to sensuous forms of knowledge, which explore and reflect upon own agency, raise awareness and thus, deeper understanding of what can be a danced and drawn space. In this performative translation and surveying work, choreographic/movement-oriented as well as physical-drawing approaches and resulting interstices are created, investigated and applied experimentally.

What happens to my body when – in the drawing, as well as in the movement – I create fine, small lines or make a great gesture? Where is the connection between pencil tip, elbow and knee? What material does scribbling and scuttling provide us with, and where does it end in which space?

The Palm of Your Hand #2  is part of the EU-Project The Humane Body.

Supported by the EU-Programme Creative Europe

ArtistBio: Daniel Aschwanden
ArtistBio: Barbara Eichhorn
Workshopoverview 2017
Intensive3: 05. Aug + 06. Aug 2017


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