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Nikima Jagudajev
© Nikima Jagudajev

Nikima Jagudajev & Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Dispersed intimacies: salamanders, giant squid & baby whales - a post internet dance class

Like a travelling fair or an extended family of de-constitutionalized beings, this workshop will materialize as a cloud constellation, occupying or inhabiting a space, obsessing over togetherness, over doing it, exhausting all that participate and leaving a mess and a memory in its wake. As our otherness has weak compatibility with the given constitution of such a place – in this case ImPulsTanz – the proposal contests how and what is determined, subsequently allowing for the possibility of something else to arise out of precarity, e.g. a different mode of being together.

We propose to construct something that operates diagonally to what is expected. Not submitting to expectations nor forming an anti-event. Something that is  not only a dance class, or an art project but hangs out somewhere in between, somewhat misplaced or at least causing friction. Our temporary family will develop our own constitution or set of agreements, operating through contingency as a sort of infiltration.

ArtistBio: Nikima Jagudajev
ArtistBio: Christopher Kulendran Thomas


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