Heike Albrecht
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Heike Albrecht

Body, Relationships and Measures of Distance

"Doors of glass foresee me coming and open up" – Bilderbuch

Each movement is grounded in a physical behaviour, which can be repeated and recognised as a movement pattern. How do our own movement patterns look like in movement, in writing, watching, talking, negotiating etc., which connect and relate us to the world at large.

How can I use my movement patterns as a network of relationships and re-negotiate, activate and re-formulate their manifestations (in practice). How can these behavioural patterns be viewed in the interweaving of proximity and distance? How close are we to the things? How much distance is needed for a deepening examination?

From where do we look onto our work and our material: a collective zooming in, to reduce the views and intentions of the movement. A collective zooming out to familiarise with the details. Distance requires distancing. Differences are not just there but need to be made. Perception is trained through focussing on both directions, which consolidates the own position in relation to space as well as content. Distance as proximity. Proximity as distance.

This workshop is devoted to the issues of our movement and behaviour patterns and their relation to proximity and distance within artistic work processes, in order to reflect on the own practice – or in other words – to challenge it. We work with somatic perception techniques, questions on aspects of the history of the body, the exploration of weight and empathic movement in the choreographic process. We work with presence, decision-making and the interaction of image / reflection and movement in photography.

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