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Karolina Miernik
© Karolina Miernik

Keith Hennessy

Social Dancing (aka Negotiation)

Living now as we want the future to be

A dance laboratory for experiments in touch, sensing, struggle, collaboration, support, resistance, and relationship. We will work with failure more than flow, with struggle more than ease. The goal of the class is to extend the proposals and possibilities of Contact Improvisation – including no contact, post/contact, companionship, solidarity, refusal, competition, unison, and mediation with objects, language, and games. 1960-70s dance experimentation was heavily influenced by pop culture and youth rebellion, including hippy culture and activist projects (anti-war, feminism, Black Power…). How do contemporary dance practices erase, engage or embody these influences?

Keith says, "My primary teaching/research is on the politics of relationship and how dance practices can be a laboratory for new social relations based on queer-feminist-antiracist-decolonial ethics. I tend to work mostly with duet practices, improvisation, and experimental ritual."

Remember when neoliberalism was our best tool for analysing the current crises of solidarity, economic injustice, precarity and personal anxiety? Trumpism – as part of international movements towards radical right nationalist populism – challenges us to reconsider fascism, nationalism, fear, and security. Let's consider the dance class as prefigurative resistance and care practice (living now as we want the future to be).

ArtistBio: Keith Hennessy
Workshopoverview 2017
Intensive1: 22. Jul + 23. Jul 2017


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