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Karolina Miernik
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Btissame AMADOUR & Florentina HOLZINGER & Marija MALENICA featuring Pieter VAN DEN BOSCH

Inside the Octagon SPECIAL

A Transformatory Fighting Workshop

In this class we will recruit warriors, assuming that this will result in better artistry.

We use the preparation a fighter undergoes to prepare for our artistic work. We start from a place of physical challenge, taking inspiration from martial arts and boxing training. We will work on condition, on pads, with partners, and prepare ourselves for some sparring, the pas de deux of the ring.

Even though we want to spend time on obtaining actual fighting technique, our focus will be the act of pursuing it, of undergoing a training together and appropriating it for our practice.

How can we use the preparation for the ring as a preparation to make dance or art? What if the preparation of the fighter is an artistic process? We want to explore the exchangability of physical disciplines as a tool for dancers, makers and creative people. In that spirit we also investigate the performativity of the collaboration happening between trainer and trainee, coach and student, personal trainer and client.

"Fear is the greatest obstacle for learning in any area, but in particular in boxing. For example, boxing you learn through repetition. You do it over and over and suddenly you’ve got it… however in the course of trying to learn, if you get hit and you get hurt, that makes you cautious, and when you’re cautious you can't repeat it and when you can’t repeat it, it’s going to delay the learning process…" – Cus D’Amato, trainer of Mike Tyson

In this Workshop we will transform our body into a weapon to serve our dreams.

For this workshop Florentina invites her Personal Coach and Martial Arts Teacher Btissame Amadour to assist in a class that is aimed to train the Ninja mind-set of the students and help overcome fear inside the "Octagon", the world stage. Croatian K1 Champion Marija Malenica will offer her experience to pass profound boxing technique on to the students and prepare them for combat. For this special edition Florentina invites the pyro-technician and visual artist Pieter van den Bosch to help create an octagon that will challenge the participants not only in relationship to other bodies but to nature and all elements.

People of ANY background and physical condition are welcome.

ArtistBio: Btissame Amadour
ArtistBio: Florentina Holzinger
Workshopoverview 2017
Week1: 17. Jul - 21. Jul 2017
Week2: 24. Jul - 28. Jul 2017


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