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He Shao Hui
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Christian Apschner & maRia Probst

Contemporary Contact Ballroom

In depth sensual and kinetic joy

Can we stay connected to our bodily base, our partner and the space if beat-based music is increasing our heart rate? In this workshop we will use elements of Contact Improvisation and transfer them onto the contemporary dancefloor. Being in motion and touch we will develop our ability to perceive and communicate. Once the connection to our own body is deepened, the floor and the partner will extend our dances by adding music as a third partner. We will then play with how to be initiative and still stay in tune.

Focussing the flow and momentum of our body masses through space we will learn how to coordinate our bodies around a shared point of contact.

We will practice counterbalance techniques, experience soft elevation, happy landing and swirling around on the floor. Reliable body reflexes will expand the base for physically rooted ballroom dances. We will experience a flow of sensorial information nourishing our choice making, enhanced by additional musical input. The core of our journey will be in depth sensual and kinetic joy.

Contact Improvisation is an improvised contemporary dance form, continuously developing a creative common since more than 40 years. It is about investigating touch and exploring bodily communication in motion while sharing weight most of the time.

Contact Improvisation is a journey into numerous variations of bodily experiences in dance. Two or more partners in contact with themselves, the floor and the space are enabling each other to experience this vast field of options. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes gentle and meditative, it is a type of dance open to everybody; it simply needs a playful and investigating mind and a human body.

Starting from there it can be taken to a high level of skill and experience within a life long lasting exploration and development.

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The adviser for the musical selection used for this workshop is the multi-instrumentalist, percussionist and composer Bernhard Weiss.

ArtistBio: Christian Apschner
ArtistBio: maRia Probst
Workshopoverview 2017
Week3: 31. Jul - 04. Aug 2017


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