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Ben Jakon
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ProSeries: 2017

Angela SCHUBOT and guests

the inside is the outside is the inside : about nothing

This Pro Series is booked! we are sorry, that we can not take any more applications! 

Angela Schubot shares her practices of how to get into the moving body, without a pre- thought concept or a desired aim. In the Pro Series, we will practise a deep listening to autonomous movements and forces inside and outside the body, which will breathe us, dance us, think us, dream us. Creating a space of true listening before clobbering what is there with our principals and desires. Finding a body, which neither loses itself in others nor imposes its power over others. Discovering forces and questions that guide us beyond ourselves, and touching realms of magic and healing. Can we hunt down the texture life is made of? Can we be in it without needing to know how to deal with it? Can we celebrate the pleasure of not knowing? Create a space without a function for us to dedicate? Can there be Moments where there is no haze between perception and being? Can we become a „sensual body“, rather than an object-or subject-body? And what means „to open“? Towards what? What means opening in a way without closing something else instead? What means opening instead of feeling the attempt to open? What is nonresistance-resistance? What means giving up on it all? And then: What is our relation to nothingness? To silence and to immediacy? Can we enter territories where principles of the living move us and incarnate into our flesh? And how will that influence our being/dancing with each other? And how to live life in this world?

We will be joined by three guests, that will share their practices: Jared Gradinger and his practices of co-creation in and with nature, Robert Steijn and his shamanic work with dancing with other entities and Eric Cazdyn and his practice of critical thinking and criticism as love. The findings of the two-week research project will be presented in a showing, in which we will allow the audience to enter into our world and take them with us.


Jared Gradinger is a Berlin based multi-disciplinary artist, invested in a continuous exploration of new forms of collaboration. He is a founding member of Constanza Macras/Dorky Park (2002-2009). In 2009, he began his work with Angela Schubot with whom he has created 6 works on the topic of de-bordering the body. He continues to work with Schubot in the form of pieces, workshops, collaborations and touring, including a retrospective of their work presented in the Hebbel am Ufer/Berlin, Südpol/Luzern and Tmuna/Tel Aviv. In 2012, he formed the Social Muscle Club with Emerson/Rothmund/Savoldelli. SMC is a group that creates and produces an evolving social artistic training program in the form of performative events designed to develop our soft skills. His latest research involves developing a co-creative, artistic relationship with Nature in the form of gardens and other social/artistic practices and outcomes. In 2016, he created the "Impossible Forest" in the Uferstudios Berlin, in the frame of Tanznacht 2016. This 40 meter garden is a permanent installation; a meditation on blossoming and decay, intended to bring a variety of life-forms (human and non-human) together. Over the past few years he has begun working with artists as dramaturg, artistic advisor and mentor. He is currently working with Liz Rosenfeld, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Angela Schubot and SMC. Recently he has become a practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Jared has worked with various artists such as Jeremy Wade, Les Grandes Traversees, Aleesa Cohene, William Forsythe, Rachel De Joode, Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir, Julian Rosenfeldt, Pictoplasma, John Zorn, Laurie Young amongst others.

Robert Steijn started with dancing on stage, when he was 43. In his solos he first positioned himself in the field as a deer dancer, but later he had a call to become a snake-dancer, which brought him to Brazil (Umbanda) and Mexico (the feathered serpent). Four years ago he started a collaboration with Ricardo Rubio, a choreographer from Mexico City resulting in their first duet "prelude on love", exercises in male tenderness and intimacy. Their next project is called "loverhood", based on personal healing rituals about desire and saliva. With the Berlin based choreographer Angela Schubot he created the duet "Brothers", a meditative event in which differences between each other's way of moving and being present in the body are respected.

He asks himself how, by dancing, he can become a free spirit in a human body. He likes dancers who challenge themselves to become more and more themselves in what they do.

Inspired by the work of shamans he structures his performances as rituals and lately he investigates performing as a way of public praying. Working as a nomad in the dance-field, he works and worked with a range of different choreographers and theatre-makers, like Frans Poelstra, with whom he founded the company United Sorry, Jessica Huber, Theater im Bahnhof, Maria Hassabi, Christine Gaigg, Latifa Labiissi, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. He also writes texts, creates drawings, and sometimes directs theatre-pieces. 

ArtistBio: Angela Schubot


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