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Raimund Hoghe "La Valse" © Rosa-Frank
Raimund Hoghe "La Valse" © Rosa-Frank

Raimund Hoghe (DE)

La Valse

A waltz says more than a thousand words, and the fine collection of waltz music that German choreographer Raimund Hoghe has compiled for this piece is like a performance novel about all the emotions that can express themselves in this dance. La Valse narrates this novel, taking Maurice Ravel’s composition of the same name as a starting point, and looking back on Johann Strauss, with a sideways glance at Jacques Brel’s La Valse à mille temps, sung by Juliette Greco, through to Waltzing Matilda in Rod Stewart’s version. So all is waltz, and right in the middle there is a small man in black trousers and a red shirt, plus a group of dancers, a pianist and a magical atmosphere. Watching the “meditations on longing and fear, love and sorrow, pain and beauty” unfold, something starts to dance inside the members of the audience. Raimund Hoghe is a master in the art of choreographing emotions, of delving into the abysses of history and of minimalism on stage. This is a performance that takes the form of a dance of timeless beauty, precise down to the last detail.

Austrian premiere
Duration: 180 min, intermission included

Further performances at ImPulsTanz 2017:
Lettere amorose, 1999 - 2017

Jul 25, 2017, 21:00


© Karolina Miernik

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