Pawel Althamer
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Field Projects: 2016

Pawel Althamer & Meg Stuart & Artur Zmijewski

 Love is the Agreement

with live-music by klaus janek

This Field Project is fully booked! We regret that we can not revise any more applications!

"Meeting Pawel Althamer in Berlin, I see many shared points of interest in our artistic and choreographic work, exploring altered states and cosmic visions, collective situations to improvise and play, art as potential for healing and constructing social sculptures.

In this workshop, Artur Zmijewski will join us and together we will devise a rigorous series of exercises, agreements and experiences in the intimacy of the studio setting and in public space.

We will look at everyday life as a school for dance and consider that contemporary movement demands existing structures to shift. We will reflect on internal and external spaces that require new modes of perception. We will begin by drawing together."

(Meg Stuart, June 2016, Berlin)


Visual artist, born on the 26th of May, 1966 in Warsaw. His works make reference to (displaced) individuals and societal trauma. At first glance, his images appear to be strictly documentary photographs and video, yet the artist's analytical staging becomes clearly recognizable through the selection of images during the editing process.

Zmijewski does not shy away from putting the generally accepted rules of Political Correctness into question. His works on the mentally and physically handicapped has drawn significant public attention. He appears to be an artist always in constant search of the next modality of artistic expression, ever striving to amplify the impact of his art on its subjects, enlarging its territory beyond its conventional borders.

Having studied sculpture at first, he went on to continue in film and photography, a medium he found more suitable to represent the contemporary world around him and its accompanying challenges. During the 1990s, Zmijewski was a leading force in the realm of critical art, his point of departure being the problems of body and The Other. He summed up this period in his manifesto, Applied Social Arts, developing a fresh attitude of social activism. Zmijewski's more recent works continue to manifest this new approach.

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