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© Yoshikazu Inoue
© Yoshikazu Inoue

contact Gonzo (JP)

untitled movements with a drummer coming a little later

The title is not a joke: the drummer actually appears later when things really get cooking. First, young men prowl around each other like panthers, they bump each other as quick as a flash, then withdraw, lie in wait with anticipation, then strike again. This cool Japanese form of dance without aspirations of professionalism is presented in a piece where sound and movement are entirely improvised. The dance, which infuses contact improvisation with Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” aesthetics, was invented by the four-member collective (including a graffiti artist and a photographer) contact Gonzo from Osaka, who were invited to perform at the MoMA in New York, among other places. The supercharged aesthetics is clearly palpable in the session untitled movements with a drummer coming a little later. And it increases even more when the drummer, who is not part of the group, finally joins them. And not just any drummer, either: Balázs Pándi from Hungary, internationally famous for his collaborations with Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach (as 666 Cent), Zu and Merzbow, to name but a few!

Austrian premiere
Duration: 45 min

Evening ticket: combine the performance with the second performance at Weltmuseum at the same evening and pay for both performances € 30,- instead of € 36,-.

After the performances the three installations are open to the public. Opening hours:
SoftMachine: Exhibition
a second step to IDEAL PARADISE
Furthermore, a café, especially designed for the period of the ImPulsTanz festival, invites the audience to stay, enjoy the atmosphere and exchange experiences.


Weltmuseum Wien
Aug 07, 2015, 20:30 [ SOLD OUT ]
Aug 09, 2015, 18:30


final workshop showing 2019 ©


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