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Georg Oberweger
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Saju Hari


(Sanskrit word meaning physical Body)

My best creative experiences in dance have always been body driven. From an energetic and safe creative environment most beautiful things can suddenly appear. Often at the brink of exhaustion the body moves in such spiritual ways, due to a natural economising of the energy and suddenly the subconscious takes control. In this 2-day intensive workshop the aim will be to create physical poems from this mental/spiritual state. Based on exploring principles of particular movement styles Saju has been developing this hybrid movement style out of Indian martial arts and dance forms.

There are two main parts to this intensive programme: learning and creating. First the participants will learn some dance sequences and analyse them to understand some of the principles behind Saju's hybrid style. Then create movement material based on those principles under a directed environment.

Over-intellectualisation can often take the joy out of dance. Here the aim is to find a happy medium where we still have to make sense of things through discussion, but be ready to move. The seeds/physical poems created in this intensive workshop can be a starting point for the participants, something to take home and develop further.

ArtistBio: Saju Hari
Workshopoverview 2014
Week2: 28. Jul - 01. Aug 2014
Intensive2: 02. Aug + 03. Aug 2014


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