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Field Projects: 2014

Akemi Takeya

Performance Recipe Book


00. Speech On Secrecy (appear) | 01. Stagnation Of System (enclose) | 02. Show Our Sacredness (enter) | 03. Scan Our Shape (invade) | 04. Statement On Substance (melt) | 05. Surprise Or Shock (be distorted) | 06. Scandal On Sight (curve) | 07. Spirit Of Samurai (be broken) | 08. Song Of Soul (vibrate) | 09. Script Of Steps (move) | 10. Site Or Sight (pass) | 11. Shadow Of Smile (reflection) | 12. Sound Of Sight (hide) | 13. Strangeness Of Someone (overlap) | 14. Sensation Of Sense (deviate) | 15. State Of Solitude (wrap) | 16. Strip Our Self (take off) | 17. Scoop On Somebody (loose) | 18. Seek Other Space (go out) | 19. Surreal On Stage (be transparent)  | 20. Sadness Of Separation (partition) | 21. Shot Of Spirit (be split) | 22. Structure Of Skeleton (fall into pieces) | 23. Smash Our Sadness (burst) | 24. Sign Of Superiority (expand) | 25. Suspension Of Sex (proliferate) | 26. Source Of Strength (continue) | 27. State Of Security (join together) | 28. Sympathy Of Support (tie up) | 29. Spark Of Spontaneity (become entangled) | 30. Styles Of Spectacle (become cubic) | 31. Suggest Our Stories (imply) |

The Field Project by Akemi Takeya focuses on accessing and sharing the performance experience with her piece “Little Stories about SOS: Group Version / first part” which is conceived as a performance exhibition, which is progressed parallel running with the written “Performance Recipe Book” of an instruction for both the group and the solo piece. It describes certain cases of “situated action”, featuring interpretations within the 32 movies of “ Graphic Animation” through the 32 original combinations of S.O.S. (32 verbs) – whose suggests “emergency” in a limited time frame and in various forms of irony, transforming it into creative processes.

Every time before action starts, performer(s) turns her/his back on the public, watches each movie of “Graphic Animation” which is displayed on a screen, in order to input a motion of the shapes & patterns “ through the 32 verbs, as a bodily motion so as to juxtapose with a graphic motion. Rationally and lyrically performers interprets each performance recipe one after the other as a medley, (re-) forming and articulating the body in everyday human activities, in every style of dancing - whose are implemented as a concurrency symbolic model of giving a view of the performance. 

The task of the performer(s) is to take up the challenge of realising 32 interpretations out of these Performance Recipes, and thus essentially undertake a proof of presence on stage; articulation, releasing & tensing, offensiveness & defensiveness, reaction & action, timing, personal history, sharing something, face, attitude, gesture, words, voice and instant selection & decision and so on … Furthermore, the research project proceeds with asking the performer(s) questions such as – In front of whom do you present yourself and whom do you work for? Where does creative power come from? What makes you move? How do you deal with your own artistic viewpoint with regard to the ready-made recipe? How do you manage yourself if your own ideas begin to interfere with the system of the recipes?    

Applicant Guidance as pdf for download

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