Critical Endeavour 2008

Critical  Endeavour is an educational and workshop programme for emerging dance and performance journalists taking place for the first time during ImPulsTanz 2008 in Vienna. It is part of the new European initiative Jardin d’Europe that was developed by its 10 network partners (Ultima Vez / B, CCN Montpellier / F, Workshop Foundation / H, Lokomotiva / MK, Station / RS, Art Link / RO, Cullberg Ballet /SE, Bimeras Culture Foundation / TR, Southbank Centre /UK, danceWEB / A). Critical Endeavour’s aim is to enhance public discourse on dance and to promote exchange about best practices, ethics, and responsibilities in criticism within the respective countries and contexts. In 2008 Critical Endeavour will be lead by renowned German dance critic and theoretician Franz Anton Cramer.

Critical Endeavour offers a broad range of expert input, professional experience, debate and exchange with artists, peers, and various actors in the field to the young journalists. It will take place over three weeks organised in two axes:
• Acquiring expertise and learning work tools for journalistic, essayistic, and theoretical writing on dance;
• Working towards an ethics of evaluation by nominating three laureates among a group of 12 young choreographers featured in the [8:tensions]+ series as part of the festival. The award, the Ö1 Prix Jardin d’Europe, will discern 10,000 €  as production grant for the first prize, and two residencies for the second and third prize.

For the latter, the invited journalists will be acting as the jury, discuss the presented work, define categories, set up criteria, and distil an ethics of judgement as it were.

Concerning the former, participants will be offered a broad range of possibilities for writing, publishing, experimenting and debating their concerns and their aesthetic / viewing experience gained via the wide range of choreographic work  programmed during ImPulsTanz.
The major national newspaper DER STANDARD has offered a close collaboration and will publish articles produced during the Critical Endeavour programme. More texts by the young journalists will be available on a blog on the website of ImPulsTanz from July 23 onwards.

The participants of Critical Endeavour 2008 are:

• Bettina Hagen (AT)
• Sébastien Hendrickx (BE)
• Dora Juhasz (HU)
• Berna Kurt (TR)
• Mihaela Michailov (RO)
• Nathalie Nad-Abonji (CH)
• Domoina Ratsarahaingotiana (MG)
• Ingrid Türk-Chlapek (AT)
• Ani Vaseva (BG)
• Ana Vilenica (RS)
• Lyndsey Winship (UK)

The following experts have been invited as mentors, presenting during periods of one to five days their professional experience and specific working strategies to participants:

• Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, Obscena, POR
• Gérard Mayen, Mouvement, F
• Gia Kourlas, The New York Times, USA
• Hooman Sharifi, choreographer, NOR
• Peter T’Jonck, De Morgen, B 

This project is realized in the frame of the multi-annual cooperation project Jardin d'Europe, funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.


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