October, 2008

On post-exotism, sustainability of dance research and cooking in undies

Hey!? Wasn't it just ImPulsTanz and sitting-in-the-grass-all-night and suddenly it's October and central heating (at best)? What happened?

Actually not so nothing. Katherina Zakravsky was all into physics ("Gravity is a bitch"), Franz Anton Cramer was pondering the growing dimension of crime in our art form ("Dance steals our weekends"). Clare & The Reasons sang "I like to cook for you / In my underwear / 'cause our kitchen / points to a wall", Leonard Cohen instead sang with "a voice marinated in kirschwasser, sulfur, deer musk and snow; bandaged with sackcloth from a ruined monastery; warmed by the embers left down near the river after the gypsies have gone." (©Tom Robbins). Also, the Austrians used their voice, to vote. Many were out of tune.

Reasons enough for intelligent distraction. And there is still plenty:

- corpus' walk in the Arsenal, The Comprehensive ImPulsTanz Workshop Analysis - it's done! Now featuring an array of texts resulting from actual physical work by, among others, above mentioned gravity philosopher, but also by choreographer Martina Ruhsam, dancer Lieve de Pourcq and dramaturge Peter Stamer. They all know, what we did last summer, as their bodies and brains were sweating all July/August in various ImPulsTanz workshops which caused corresponding hands-on reports. And interviews (e.g with Koffi Kôkô and Ismael "I am post-exotic" Ivo, DD Dorvillier und Jonathan Burrows, whereby the latter is currently finalising a book, cause he knows: "Sometimes the material knows better than you. If it interests you, it was there before you came. You just recognised it in the workshop.“ ). And David Bergé, Jack Hauser & Vlado G. Repnik pointed their various cameras on all the ado. Truely juicy stuff! On corpus. 24/7.

Poznan is one of the few major Polish cities not being passed by said river, instead it is the living and working home of always-on-the-go curator Joanna Lesnierowska. Together with several Polish colleagues, she invited young Polish dancemakers from all around Europe (e.g. Radek Hewelt, Dominika Knapik, Ewa Bankowska and Anita Wach) to join her from October 9-11, not only to present their art but also their thoughts and suggestions regarding dance in Poland in the 00's ("Uniquely Polish? Dance Transformation on the Vistula", "Splendid isolation? Dance and Other Arts In the Polish Society").

Mathilde Monnier's CCN Montpellier, always in for an experiment, currently host of 6M1L, short for "six months one location". Here, thorough dance folks such as Chrysa Parkinson, Mette Ingvarsen, Xavier Le Roy or Bojana Cvejic are busy contemplating (thoroughly, of course...we are talking half a year here, after all!) about artistic collaboration, productions and research modes while along the way verifying whether this is at all bearable, for so long, in one place. Within their current "jours de spectacles" (there we go: les j de s, October 7-9), Jefta Van Dinther, Juan Dominguez & Amalia Fernandez are introducing the status quo of their investigations to the interested audience.

In case your current hunger is more for a slice of Brad Pitt in the gym, you have famous friends in the Coen Brothers. Intelligence is relative, after all. Or as recently overheard on TV: "Phantasy is much more important than knowledge, right, Daddy, cause knowledge is limited!"



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