July, 2008

On swankas, on baracking, with sitars (JuneJuice08)

"...and the living is easy
fish are jumping
and the cotton..."

Damn! You are already here! Soooo, dance, no? Yes! Certainly so!

In SALZBURG, e.g., Sommerszene is currently busy supporting the proclaimed comeback of movement, and graciously so: with works by William Forsythe, Brice Leroux, Silke Grabinger & Roderich Madl, Les Slovaks a.o.

In MONTPELLIER you can still encounter Pascal Rambert, Raimund Hoghe, Les danseurs Logwé de Toma and Emanuel Gat.

And the Festival des 7 Collines in ST. ETIENNE promises seduction by artists who reinvent with joy codes of performance art (feat. Chris Haring, Ivo Dimchev, Ivana Müller and Maria Jerez a.o.)

And then of course VIENNA! After two fun events at its second district last weekend (the other one was the Tanzquarter Wien's summer party) and after some fan gear hoovering this week, Indian director Roysten Abel will call to join his prayer of love, "The Manganiyar Seduction". At the main court of MuseumsQuartier, on July 10. Admission free. And thereby opening ImPulsTanz08 just like that. With sitars and tablas. And as a lush treat for the eye and ear, right away.

Robyn Orlin and her defilé of South African miners is giving the opening days a political twist (July 11+13), the gala evening (July 14+16) a classical one and Mathilde Monnier & Maria La Ribot a burlesque one (July 15+18).
And without prior notice, the 25th anniversary of ImPulsTanz is gaining substance by the days (never mind the nights!) with again more than 100 performances in the end. May you be blessed with a certain joy in crowds of lovely folks and lots of vitality! For details and tickets turn here:

Should you like to body during the day, too, you may want to not miss the "impressions08" - the opening lecture afternoon of the ImPulsTanz workshop festival on July 13 at 4pm at Arsenal (free admission). There, you will bump into the first 30 (of a total of 90) teachers, who will give some juicy perspective on the coming 4 weeks of hands-on dance oh la la.

Or as Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano has it:

"The Church says: The body is a sin.
Science says: The body is a machine.
Advertising says: The body is a business.
The body says: I am a fiesta."

Said quote of said political writer is also trying to seduce the readers of subsequent blog to "Barack Your Body" again. Yep, I am no stranger to whatever surreptitious advertising.

I don't know whether aiming for US presidency will be a beneficial character feature in this context, but a somewhat busy bio certainly helps here: Peeping Tom is auditioning dancers for their new production. At ImPulsTanz08. On August 1+2. Needless to state that touring with Gaby & Franck sounds like a joyride, while heading a world power, well, doesn't quite so much. On the other hand, also there: all performance. And remember Austrian choreographer Milli Bitterli, who recently confided to her audience: "I like performing, cause on stage there is no democracy, no boring social rules."

As long as art and society are still into one or the other controversy, planet earth remains a valuable host for human life, no?



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