January, 2008

On promises, east and west, and on galvanization, too (January Juice 08)

"Being a dancewebber felt like riding first class on the amazing jet called ImPulsTanz Festival"

Says Amit Hadari on her experience in summer 2007. If you are a first-class riding kind of person and free between July 9 and August 13, 2008, you may want to give it a try. To become a danceWEBber. Application is open for another 3 days!

"Everything was revelatory and I came home galvanized and bewildered." Said Zack Winokur on his experience in summer 2007. You want to bear that in mind, too, when applying.

Further bewilderness-inducing events include:

+ "Eastern Promises" by David Cronenberg (Yes, Viggo is stunning - and actually funny - there, too)
+ "The Flying Club Cup" by Beirut
+ "No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories" by Miranda July
+ "of raving gods and the dogs who made them" by Ponyhill

What else. Did you already hear that I had a fabulous time being conducted by Xavier Le Roy? Well, I did. Go and get conducted, too. If you are that kind of person. Certainly an enchanting piece of spring in this dull (European) winter.

Other than waving about with his arms, Xavier Le Roy was also one of 52 contributors to corpusweb's survey "What is choreography?". And while not few were rather irritatedly denying interest in that question (and yet answering it) and also remembering David Tudor's "If you don't know, why do you ask?", I am pretty fond of Chris Haring's final sentence:

"I hate reality but It's still the best place to get a good steak." (Woody Allen)

Some of the asked artists are busy persuing their replies, some who where not asked, too. Life's funny sometimes, isn't she.

ANTWERP Amperdans: deufert+plischke / Isabelle Schad / Labor Gras / Claire Croizé / etc.:

AMSTERDAM Something Raw: Pere i Faura / Lisbeth Gruwez / Mette Ingvartsen / Martin Nachbar / etc.:

BRUSSELS Performing Proximities: Alice Chauchat / Heather Kravas / Antonija Livingstone / Meggie Schneider / etc.:

And in PARIS, Marina Abramovic / Ismael Ivo / Riccardo Tisci are hosting a little audition for a big project in summer 2008 (online as of tomorrow noon):

Looks promising, no? Who is Heiner "Optimism is only a lack of information" Müller, anyway.




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