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CoachingProject: July 16- July 20 2007

Iñaki Azpillaga

Powerful & Fragile

The game: "It is an action or a free occupation, developed within limits temporarily or spatially determined, according to absolutely obligatory rules although freely accepted, action that has an aim of its own and has enclosed feelings of tension and joy and the conciousness of "being someone else” than in current life.” (Quotes: Johan Huizinga „Homo ludens“)

„Moving rather than formal technique will define the atmosphere. We will propose games and feelings as an environment to develop our movements. Floorwork, partnership and group exercises will introduce terms such as intention, projection, change of dynamics, and communication becoming the language of the work. Methods of creation and analysis will show the way towards the techniques supporting the ideas we want to express. The movement vocabulary will confront the energies of fragile states and powerful physical dynamics.“
We dance what we are.
Bring sneakers.

Iñaki Azpillaga
Born in Spain Iñaki Azpillaga is now a dance teacher based in Brussels teaching regular classes to the companies Ultima Vez, Need Co., Charlesroi/Danses among others. He has been leading workshops all around Europe. His dance studies are based on Basque folk dance, ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance. He has danced with Mathilde Monnier, Bocanada Danza, National Ballet Co. of Spain and has been part of many other productions.
For the last ten years he has been connected with the work of Wim Vandekeybus in one way or the other. Since 1994 he has danced with the company participating in the creation of the pieces “Mountains made of Barking”, “Alle grossen decken sich zu” , and “Bereft of a Blissful Union”. Simultaneously he danced in “What the body does not remember” and “Her Body doesn’t fit her soul”. He was the tour coach for “7 for a secret never to be told”. He was the choreographical assistant of Wim Vandekeybus for “Inspite of wishing & wanting”, “Inasmuch as life is borrowed”, and “Blush”.
Since 1997 he has been teaching workshops regularly that relate to the work of Ultima Vez.
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