May, 2007

MAY JUICE: on announcing future, paranoia scenarios, drama, authorship and the effects of rain dancing

"The Pope And The Dancer" (Cover image of Austrian tabloid Kurier, early May 2007)
"you can change your life - in a dance class!" (Austrian TV Channel ORF1, Mitte mid-Maiy2007)

So, some Vereinzelte religions crave our art form. But do they know what they are getting into? I shall tell you what I know:

"Joys of liquid freedom" (Nita Little, The Mind In Motion)
"Spontaneous partnerships" (Keith Hennessey, Contact Improvisation)
"Increase of emotional and sexual power" (Barbara Mayr, Pilates)
"being challenged and made a diva out of oneself" (Terence Lewis, Bollywood Dance)

Oh what wow.

Well, just in case you are - for some unfortunate trick of fate only, of course - lacking any of the above, simply turn to

In case you'd rather perform right away ... voilà: theatercombinat, Europe's specialists for performative conurbation, invites 100 inclined people to participate in a mass choreography to be staged in September 2007 at Vienna's Maria Theresia-Platz (situated neatly between the cultural MuseumsQuartier and political Heldenplatz) offering, among other things, free tap dance classes. For (application) details call +43-699-10381117 or turn to

As usual, the USA isn't playing anything down, either: Andrea Bozic is currently engaged in an artistic collaboration with the wheather. Her performance ‘Subtropical Storm: The Undead’ is consequently "durational thriller that deals with the issues of announcing future, personal responsibility, paranoia scenarios, drama, authorship, performativity and the effects of rain dancing."

Or as dear old Martin Kippenberg put it in oh so blunt words: "If you dare to face the abyss, don't you wonder why you can fly."

Human states of emergency are also dealt with in "VSPRS", an ImPulsTanz Special in cooperation with Theater an der Wien: Alain Platel , well-credited stage fusionist, and his collaborating dancers, contortionists, musicians and singers are mastering the balance between autism, Tourette syndrom and hysteria on one side and lust, tenderness and ecstasy on the other. A decent performance to start with that grew into a delight over the months on stage.

A beauty to kneel down before is also Doris Uhlich's little film "Sackl du Printemps" (Austrian for "little spring bag"), which she presented along with the botanically equally valuable creation "Impatiens walleriana" at Tanzquartier Wien: for 20 minuten, she is displayed piling up 20-kilo bags of flower soil in an empty studio. As Pina Bausch, Vaclav Nijinsky or Maurice Béjart you may now ask yourself of course: "Why the hell did I think so complicated about it?"...

"It could all be so easy /
but it ain't."
(Die Fantastischen Vier)

What else? Chirac is now Sarkozy. Reyniers is soon Gypens. Affairs are nowadays in-between lads. And to have seen Rome is not a carte blanche to die anymore.

Only desire remains. Also with Rudi Schöller:

"I'd wish so much, it would be true,
the spaghetti straps summer with you."



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