February, 2007

The Astral Dancer (Damn Late January Juice 07)

Ok, ok, some illustrious folks were aging now, in the recent tropic of capricorn, David Lynch that is for example, or Ismael Ivo, and Moya Michael, to only name a few. But now it is all about the pig. This is certainly nothing against Islam or vegetarians,and equally of course nothing for the agricultural policy of the EU, but as astrology is becoming more and more crucial in contemporary dance (auditions, programmation, choreography ... oh, it's a wide field of opportunities, isn't she?), the Chinese should get an equally strong stage call as the Greek, yes, indeed.

Oh, stage ... such much on its back right now! . Katherina (Bauer, Leo) and Katharina (Weinhuber, Bavarian with Viennese ascendent) cross breed between dance, performance and new media (-Feb 2, WUK Vienna), Chris Haring (Sagittarius) and his liquid loft move inbetween Erwin Wurm and his objects (Feb 2.2, MUMOK Vienna), Mårten Spångberg (Aquarius) is co-cooking at Pasta for Tired Dancers (-Feb 2, Kaaitheater Brussels) and Julie Atlas Muz (Gemini) gives an Exquisite Corpse in Union Square Park (-Feb 2, New York City).

And school auditions, pouring on Europe! As if there wasn't already enough dance employment... Everyone wants to research "that permanent drama in the body, then" (© Martina Hochmuth). Education and further education programmes (SEAD, D.A.N.C.E., Laban) tour, choreografic scholarships and competitions (CCL, SiWiC) are being tendered and even the selfeducationalists at PAF/PerformingArtsForum call for artists to bei. What a buzz on

More on PAF also in the current Feature. As we are talking Absolute Exceptional Institution here, funding is an absolute exception, too. Alas, not only self education, but also self financing. Sympathisers smoke hand-rolled cigs instead of Gauloises Rouges for one monthe and donate the savings. More info with or at and totally at

In case of sudden heir, my advise is still to share it with PAF, but you could then leave your smoke savings at the ImPulsTanz WebShop. As of next week, T-shirts, bags, frisbees and soon also videos will be on offer there. No towels. Bummer, actually ... Douglas Adams said they come really in handy. At least when hichtchhiking trough the galaxy.

Home and how to get there is also an issue for Constanza Macras and her Dorky Park. Her indistructable dancers provide some animated analysis in two different evenings with different cast in their "I am not the only one". For instance at Schauspielhaus Wien. An ImPulsTanz Special.

Ilija Trojanow (Virgo) (and very talented in feeling home) adds: "There is no home, only homes. Home is the face of a person I love. Home are places, corners, areas."

Thomas Bernhard (Aquarius) (and concerned): "At home, at home, that's where death is."

Sandra Bullock (Leo), a tick lighter: "Don't corral me, and I'll always come home. Just let me go out and play during the day."

Go out and play!



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