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July, 2006

Juiceletter July 13, 2006

"...I also led the life of a kind of young hooligan."

Just in case, anyone ever thought him gone ... here he is back again. The Derrida. By the way Algerian by origin, too. With a stunning presence at Tuesday's book launch of Gehmacher/Glechner/Stamers "incubator". It's in German, but - woohoo! - is it a good German.

Anyway, now it's ImPulsTanz06. Rosas opens today, Miguel Gutierrez (8:tension06) tomorrow, movements are going to be made to the sounds of Debussy, Stravinsky, Benjamin, U2 and Destiny's Child, add-on's have already been made - 11, to be precise - first of all Rosas, tomorrow, at Burgtheater. All other 88 performance dates plus some pointed words at

"Ranking 335th at the internationally not sufficiently reputed German List Of Intellectuals, I found a choreographer", I recently read with Una Wiener. Choreographer found ... that's pleasant news. Still - in all immodesty - the Vienna Poetry Academy/Schule für Dichtung is looking for hundreds of those, together with and at ImPulsTanz06: as of July 17 (festive-Finnish opening: 4pm), the Kalevala-Dancebox invites everyone to risk some steps in front of the webcam and enjoy smart comments by real dance artists/fake Finnish epicists. Do the kalevala to me, baby.

"[Thou] mad mustachio purple-hued maltworms!" No, not thou! Shakespeare rhymed that, back then! And if you can take a wordy downer these days, check in with Shakespearean Insulter for further verbal assaults (real sweet: the "insult me again" button). It's free.
"Dance grocery" shop owners Matsune & Subal, however, they sell: Franz West copies, bad Nureyev pirouettes, Eraser Heads. The "store" opens on July 18, at 5pm, they also deliver.
And as ImPulsTanz resides in an environmentally conscious district of Vienna, they show spirit and give away free tickets for Maguy Marin's "Umwelt". Bonne chance.

"We are all mediators, translators." (le Jacques from above)
"We are all bodies." (the Ploebst)
"Who am I and if so, how many?" (



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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