January, 2006

Newsletter 30.01.2006

"Vegetables delight us."

As far as substance goes, this quote is a perfect match for the exquisitly passed Swiss Dance Platform, and yet it actually stems from the program text of Michikazu Matsune & David Subal's performance within the Choreographic Platform Austria 2006. Which itself is still ahead of us (Feb 9-12). Luckily, I must add, as it is also boasting a life "in a universe, where the creator himself is absent" (Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn in their quest to become less ironical: "Hosting Matt Mullican"). Clearly an existentially valuable weekend, you have to admit. Will this world premiere solve the gender issue in world creation?

Go figure:

Equally value ridden: the titles of the most recent additions to's dance video features: "territory (Keren Levi/NL), "legal errorist" (Chris Haring & Mara Mattuschka/A), "Dead is Dead" (Maria Hassabi/USA) ... suddenly James Browns' "Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing" gets an entirely new dimension.


If your soft spots these days include penguins, choreonauts and video game music, instead, you might want to consider a trip to Brussels, where current EU council president Austria gives its art(ists) a special focus this half year. The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra and the Vienna Workshop don't come much as a surprise in this conext, but they actually invited contemporary dance to be one of the main pillars of the arts program. O limelight, o limelight.

Talking about flies: "Sharks are not insects, not really robust, rather sensitive, shy and languid. Melancholic. Most of them are viviparous, plus they have long pregnancies. This downright enforces melancholy." (Heinrich Steinfest - "Nervous fish").

And here's the problem with pop finishes: all currently blissed pop people have such a sharky touch:

"You look like David Bowie
But you've nothing new to show me
Start another fire
and watch it slowly die"
(Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Over And Over Again",


"I was running out of trouble
You were running out of fame
I'm streets ahead of happiness
Still wondering who to blame"
(Keren Ann - "Chelsea Burns",

That's not the preferred finale in a letter to someone. who you wish mere delight!

Rather this: "I think this is the greatest gift that danceWEB gave me: realizing that I have time, all the time in the world". You were listening to an excerpt of Charlotte Greenblatt's report on danceWEB 2005. And should you, too, be interested in reaching such Greenblattish ease, you can still apply for a danceWEB 2006 scholarship ... until tomorrow, January 31:

Zenly yours



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