Ismael Ivo

Improvisation for Performers

This class is focused into differentiate between space within the reach of the body and the more general space surrounding it. The space within our reach, our "personal space" or kinesphere is a bubble and with the help of a hand size ball we are able to stretch out in all directions while standing in its centre or on one leg. If we move away to an other part of the room our kinesphers will travel with us. It is a tool to encourage movement possibilities. This technique is guided by the hands with the body rolling on the floor, the ball rolling around the body or throwing, turn, falling and catching. The ball lying lightly in one or two hands, fingers relaxed. This class is not based on difficulties but in to bring the body from a siting, standing or walking positions in a discharge of movement impulses. Movements appear in spirals down and trough your body. Some people move badly or are considered clumsy. Others seem to have a natural "in born" grace. But where does the performer stand? A natural grace can be a disadvantage when you are requested to dance a character with exquisite mannerism. The performer should extend their range of movement and avoid to be type casting ad improvise his way out in any movement patterns. There will not be a formal warm-up but a series of play techniques which later can be applied to the improvisation mood. After a while the performer is requested to let the use of the "hand size ball" aside and let the body and the memory of the body take over and the mind speed the fantasy. We are going to relax in a music dramaturgy inspired on Jimy Hendriks The Gris Gris and Tomoyashu Hotei, the composer of the film director Tarantino which once said "kill Bill" or let the music roll on. It is a class in which the performer research and extend without other demands his/ her movement capabilities.
ArtistBio: Ismael Ivo
Workshopoverview 2005
Week1: 18. Jul - 22. Jul 2005
Week2: 25. Jul - 29. Jul 2005


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